Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ueno Park


Location: Next to JR Ueno Station

Second stop of the Ueno Park which is also one of the top spot for watching cherry blossom in Tokyo. It is really big as it comprises of many temples, shrines, museums and even zoo inside here. As most of the attractions are opened around 9:30am, it is just nice to visit right after Asakusa. You can take a train from Asakusa station to JR Ueno station which is 3 stations away or slow walk which took around 30 minutes for me!!

I visited quite a lot temples and shrines during my trip. The temples and shrines in Kyoto are more impressive and well preserved so I would skip this part for Ueno park.
Tokyo Museum

Nice scenery inside Tokyo Museum
I decided to visit Tokyo Museum being of the oldest and largest museum in Japan featuring over largest collection of artifacts in Japan. There are a few different halls of the museum which showcase from Buddhism to Japan history and culture. It is really quite fascinating to learn all these but some parts of the exhibitions do not have English translation. If you are really into Japan history and culture, you should really visit here to have a better understanding :)

The park is really full of people and they also allocated two sides of the park for family/friends to enjoy Sakura flower season. I see quite a number of people having picnic here.

There are food stores along the way where you can grab yummy bites if you are hungry :p

Imagine walking with your partner down the path and enjoying the Sakura flower is really so romantic!! The park is really big and it would take around 2 hours to enjoy the scenery if you are skipping the museum. After walking the park, time for lunch!! You can consider visiting either

Ichiran Ueno (for yummy ramen)

Yamabe Uenoten
Address: 4-5-1, Ueno, Taitou-Ku, Tokyo (Around 10 minutes walk from JR Ueno Station)

Opening Hour: 11am to 10pm (Last order @ 9:30pm)

Upon reaching the shop, there is long queue outside and I waited for around 30 minutes before I got my seat in front of the counter. It is really quite a small shop with 2 storey which is able to accommodate up to 26 people.

Tonkatsu (999 Yen)

The whole set meal only costs 999 yen which comes with tonkatsu, prickles, miso soup and shredded vegetables which make it value meal. The best part of the meal is pork cutlet which is crispy on the outside covering the soft and juicy pork meat inside. It also comes with their own homemade sauce which helps to enhance the taste of the tonkatsu making one of the best that I ever have. Despite being hungry and 30 minutes of wait just for this Tonkatsu, it is really definitely worthy.

Full re-charge for the next half of my day!!

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