Sunday, June 5, 2016


Location:  7-1-1 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan

Operating hours: 24 hours

When I was planning for the trip, I googled for yummy ramen and Ichiran ramen always appear. Decided to add this for my first meal in Tokyo. Luckily, it did not disappoint me at all.

When I first arrived at the shop, I was quite hesitated when I saw the long queue. I was thinking "What is so special about this ramen? Why so many people are queuing for it?" As typical Singaporean, just join in and queue! Waited for around half hour before I got my seat.

While waiting inside the queue, I was given a paper to indicate what kind of ramen do i want to customize. In Singapore, we just have to order the ramen. It was the first time that so many options are given to me and I really don't know what to choose. I just randomly choose.

Once I reach the entrance of the restaurant, I have placed my order through this vending machine. It is really smart and efficient idea where the staff can focus on serving the customers. After placing order, just pass the ticket to the staff when you can get a seat.

I was quite worried about dining alone since it is not that common in Singapore especially with the seats arrangement. However, I noticed it is really quite common to dine alone in Japan and the restaurant is really well catered for this. I can just dine peacefully here XD

Each seat also comes with our own personal ice water. Another great idea where we always have to ask the waiter/waitress to top up water -.- With this, we do not have to wave our hands like a mad person trying to get their attention and they can focus on doing other things.

itadakimasu :) 999yen (SGD12) just for this big portion of ramen is really worth it. The broth is really rich in flavor and delicious. As for spiciness, I think 1/2 is quite mild and I think I should have go for 1 instead.  The meat is tender and I really love the soft ramen texture.

Overall, it is quite a nice dining experience with yummy ramen at affordable price of 999yen without worrying about dining alone here. It is opened 24hours so if you are craving for ramen in the middle of night, you can always visit this store!! I really enjoy the experience and I also went to try the Ichiran ramen when I went to Osaka. I also purchased ramen ingredients so I can cook for my family to try :)