Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dazzling cafe

Location: 5 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza, 178906

Operating hours:

Mon - Sun:12:00 pm-10:00 pm

How to get there: It is situated near city hall mrt station. Just 5 minutes walk away.

It is quite popular in taiwan especially among the female for their awesome huge toast. Although I been to taiwan quite a few times, i did not visit it. Finally, it is in Singapore and decided to go down to try it.

When we reached the cafe around 12pm, there is a short queue outside waiting for the staff to allocate the customers to the seat. Thank god that we reached quite early and we saw a huge crowd start coming in after that. We are served ice water when we are seated down. This is like oasis in dessert especially under the hot weather.

Here is their main course menu




Their toast menu

Their drink menu

spicy seafood tom yam tomato spaghetti
Spicy seafood tomyam tomato spaghetti which is unique to dazzling cafe in Singapore. Personally, I don't really like tom yam taste because of overwhelming taste. However, tom yam taste is just well balanced in this dish. It also comes with generous portion of fresh seafood :)

Pulled Pork Benedict

It is made of shredded BBQ pulled pork with balsamic onion coupled with toasted brioche finished with soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and side salad. The toast is really crispy and shredded BBQ pulled pork is yummy. The essence of the dish is poached egg!! Looking at yellow and juicy egg yolk gushing out from the egg. 

Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toaste

How can we come to dazzling cafe without trying their toast!!! Their toast portion is really huge and it can eaten like main course!! Each of their toast is really well decorated. Everyone is always busy taking photo of their beautiful toast.

The staff will help us to put aside the top layer of the toast and explain to us on how to eat the toast. 
This is how the inside of the toast looked like. It is like magical box with tiny little toast cubes inside.

Each of the toast cube has chocolate stuffed inside. Endless of surprise!! It is really crispy till every part of the toast. Really wondering how they make the toast so well. 

Overall, it is really quite nice experiencing dining here especially with the attentive and friendly staff. I really love the part that they served ice water when we are seated down and continuing to top up ice water without reminders. They also explain well on how to eat the beautiful and yummy toast. I am really dazzled by their toast!! Remember to go early if you want to avoid the long waiting time!1