Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kream Beer

Location: 60 Duxton Rd, 089524

Operating hours:

Mon - Sun: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

How to get there: It is situated between Tanjong Pagar and Outram Park Mrt station, around 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt station.

Last update: 17 July 2016 - There are more drinks selections!! CHEER!! WiHaYeo!!

After awful dinner at outram area, we really need to find awesome place to chill and drink. By chance, we happened to see the cool Korean bar and decided to give it a try.

Kream Beer House Rule

It is really quite small but really cosy place to chillax. They serve korean drinks like soju, makgeolli(rice wine) and maegju(beer) and also foreigner draft beer. 

 Each table comes with chargers which is really life saver when our handphone battery is low. Just nice for our handphone to charge up while we enjoy the kream beer.

There is also hidden catch under this rabbit head. Just pull up and you would be able to get the toothpick.
Latest Beer Menu with more selections
Latest Food Menu

Some Korean traditional drinking rules:
-Never pour your own beverage
-When someone is pouring drink for you, hold the cup with both hands.
-Turn your back to anyone of higher rank as you drink

We decided to have makgeolli as our first drink. It is served in traditional bowl with a scoop. They served the original flavor makgeolli. In Korea, I tried before different flavor like corn and sakura. The makgeolli is quite light and fragrance.

Kream Bomb

Kream So-Maek Fruity -Grapefruit

Frozen Beer
Fruity Frozen
Frozen beer is like normal beer while fruity frozen is beer with fruit flavor. There are 5 different flavor: grapefruit, apple, lemon, yuzu and banana. My favorite would be grapefruit. Girls would love these fruity beer. They also provide small basket of potato chips/prawn cracker to go with the beer.

Tarot Night
They also have tarot night every Wednesday where there is free reading. I remembered I had two tarot card reading in Korea last time. It is really quite interesting and fun. I might come back here on Wednesday for the reading :)

Kream beer is really quite an interesting and cosy bar to chillax with friends. The drinks are affordable and nice. Furthermore, the staff are quite attentive to the needs of the customers :)