Monday, May 25, 2015

The Poodle Cafe

Location: 1G Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545513

Operating hours:

Mon-Thur: 12pm-11pm

How to get there: If you are driving, it is along Upper Serangoon Road from Nex toward Kovan mrt direction and turn in at Yio Chu Kang Road. I parked at Serangoon stadium and took 5 minutes walk to the cafe. If you are going by public transport, the nearest mrt station is at serangoon and take a bus to the cafe as it is pretty far away.

House rule for the cafe

The two storey cafe is really quite well decorated with comfortable seats and sufficient space for the dogs to move around. 

When we entered the cafe, we are greeted by this chow chow dog who is always looking outside, hoping to go out. He is really cute just like a teddy bear and very obedient compared to the rest of the dog in the cafe.

Meet Milk who is really kind of naught ... She tried to bite Miko a few times and Miko was really afraid of her. 

Meet CoCo on the left and Cookies right. Coco has her furs on her ear dyed purple and she can jump on the chair. Be careful of your food :P Cookies is the oldest dog and she is really afraid of humans, always hiding under the chair.

Here is Tony who has a very strange fur style ... It look like a camel with lot of humps on its body. Loves to play with the toy and stealing from Tony wont be easy.

Fifi who is always sleeping through the whole visit. She just has a surgery so she is kind of feeling sick and resting.

Here is the Poodle Cafe Menu for human.
Fish & Chip

Mini Burger

Waffle with ice cream
The fish & chip is served hot and crispy. Mini Burger is really juicy and fresh. One common thing between these two dishes is the french fries. It really smells nice and taste awesome :) I will strongly recommend these two dishes. However, the waffle is kind of disappointing, quite bland and the ice cream is too milky.

Furkid Menu
Bento for Miko which consist of lot of vegetables and fish. 

Miko enjoying her lunch :)
The dogs there are over friendly. Miko is still afraid of other dogs and keep on hiding under our chair to avoid any interaction ...  Overall, the cafe is really a nice place to chillax for both humans and dogs. The food there are great except for the waffle.