Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Alfero Artisan Gelato

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard 02-226A/B Marina Square Singapore 039594

Operating hours: 12pm to 10pm

There are lot of Gelato cafes in Singapore and it is really competitive to capture the market. Recently, I got to know this Alfero Artisan Gelato cafe through food tasting session with OYHZ, Mia, Janel and Hazel. It is set up Marco Alfero who is also Gelato lover and quit his financial manager job to become a Gelato chef. He setup the first cafe in 2011 at marina square and subsequently opening the second branch at Macpherson. He believes in using only best ingredients in each process of gelato-making. 

There are 3 basic principles that guide everything they do.
-Be Natural
-Be Nice
-Be Excellent

I believe with these principles and his efforts in making gelato make the whole cafe quite successful. Artisan Alfero Gelato was voted the BEST GELATO Cafe of the year in Singapore and South East Asia in 2012.

Another unique point which separate Alfero Gelato from other ice cream is making use of fresh quality ingredients unlike other ice cream which use additives, colouring agents and artificial flavouring. The best part of it is low percentage of fat compared to normal ice cream. Ladies who are afraid of fat will be able to enjoy a guilt -free treat anytime with Alfero Gelato.

We are quite lucky being able to try a wide range of gelato.
-Snow white
-Strawberry milk
-Dark Chocolate

Out of all these, my favorite is Bacio as the taste reminds me of Ferrero Rocher. Another interesting flavor is the Yuzu ice cream which is light and refreshing taste.

Here is the Chendol Merdeka which is uniquely Singapore taste. Merdeka also mean independence and it is Alfero special way of marking Singapore's 50 years of independence.It has also represents Singapore in Gelato World Tour 2.0.

The cafe is situated in the quiet zone of Marina Square which make it ideal place to have dessert. Hope to see more unique Singapore taste Gelato. Wonder would there be Ice KaChang Gelato in the future?

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