Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PADI Basic Open Water with Dive World 360

A few weeks ago, I went to take PADI Basic Open Water with Dive World 360. It was recommend by my friend. I have been dragging this for so many years before I actually went to sign up. The diving experience is really amazing and I want to share with everyone.

- Minimum 10 years old
- Able to swim at least 200 meters non stop (at your own pace)
- Able to float on water without any swimming aids around 10 minutes
- Be able to answer "NO" in the following RSTC medical statement

Cost: $610 (I got mine at $560 due to early bird discount)

It includes all the diving equipment, transport, accommodations and meals excluding snacks and marine park fee RM25.

Location: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-41 Singapore 082001 (around 5 minutes from MRT station)

Official website link

Facebook page

Photos taken with our instructor (Centre of the photo)
 My instructor is Raymond Chong. He is really quite a good instructor who loves to make jokes and help us to relax. It is important to relax in diving if not, we won't be able to enjoy the views. Before we went for actual dive, we have a theory test and pool lesson. We have to pass our theory test before we go for actual dive. It will equip us with the essential knowledge for the diving.

After checking with my new friends, i realized that I am only one who go through the whole diving book as others just flip through or did not open ... It is still recommend to look through but just remember the important key points and hand signs which is the most critical portion. The pool session is conducted outram secondary school. I had quite a lot problems as I was not used to breathing through mouth and I kept on coming up to the surface. Luckily, I managed to get used to it after a while.

The actual dive is 2 days 2 nights at Tioman. We would take the bus from the shop to Mersing Jetty and took the boat to island resort. Depend on the tide, you might stay on island resort or stay in hotel at Mersing area. When we reached the island resort, it was past mid night.
Our resort
The sea is really crystal clear and we can see the bottom of the seabed.
Sunrise 1

Sunrise 2

Sunset View

It is really peaceful and quiet in the morning and we can enjoy really nice sunrise and sunset views.
On the first day, we have 3 dives. In between, we need a few hours of break in order to let us recover.
On the last day, we only have 1 dive due to the tide.

First dive: Practise our drills
Second dive: Practise our navigation under water
Third and Forth dive: Leisure dives

Dive 1: Holding on the rope and practicing our drill

There are quite a lot safety things to take note and as long we are following them, we will be fine. I will share some of beautiful diving photos taken from others during the diving trips.

The diving experience is really great. We get to see a lot interesting cute sea creatures like sea turtles and cuttlefishes which we only get to see them on TV. Furthermore, there are also some "alien looking' creatures as well. The leisure group who went ahead of us even got to see real sharks. Most sharks are generally harmless unless human go and disturb them except for some aggressive species. The most important rule is never disturb or destroy anything.

The instructors and helpers at Dive World 360 are really nice and helpful. If you are interested in learning diving, go contact Dive World 360 for more information :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunny Heights

Location: 100 Turf Club Road S288000

Operating hours: 9am to 6:30pm

Sunny Heights Swimming pool operates from:
1.00pm to 6.00pm (Weekdays)
1.00pm to 6.30pm (Weekends and public holidays) 

*Pool will be closed on every Tuesday and Friday from 2.00pm to 3.00pm for pool maintenance. 

The Pool Charges:
Small dog (below 10kg) - $14/hour
Medium size dog - $16/hour
Large Breed - $19/hour

*Life jacket is provided when you place a deposit of $5 at the counter.

It used to be called K9 culture cafe but now known as Sunny Heights. It is not just a swimming pools for dogs, there are also animals hotel for cats and dogs.

Cat Hotel

Dog hotel

There are two pools: one is the smaller and deeper pool (close to us) and the bigger and shallower pool. 

Shelter for us

Star of the day: Miko :)

As it is Miko first swim, we have to slowly let her get used to the water. We placed her at the step of the pool and let her play around first.

After she gets used to the water, we let her swim around the pool. She is a natural good swimmer :)

Video of Miko swimming

Resting at the side of the pool. She always like to swim to the side of the pool to take a break.

Miko smile 1

Miko Smile 2

Swimming is good for dogs as it has these benefits
-cardio vascular benefits
-low impact activity
-keep them cool during hot weather

It is also important to let them have a break in between especially it is their first time.At first, Miko is really afraid of going into the pool. Miko slowly get used to the pool and can really see she enjoys swimming :)

It is quite enjoyable for us and Miko. The pool is well maintained and clean. The location is quite inaccessible for dogs owner without a car. I shall end this post with 2 more Miko photos.