Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello Kitty cafe @Sinchon

Location: 서울시 서대문구 명물길 36-6

Operating hours: 11am-11pm

I am not Hello Kitty fan though just bringing my sister around Seoul since it is her first time here. Previously, I have blogged about hello kitty cafe located at hyehwa station but I have noticed it has closed now. This time, I would blog about this hello kitty cafe located at Sinchon :)

Cute little entrance to the cafe

Menu of the cafe

See the design of the desserts you will get :p

Once you place your order, you will get this hello kitty buzzer which will notice you while you can sit down or explore around the cafe.

The hello kitty shape waffle with latte drink.

*Not all drinks have the hello kitty design so remember to choose the right drink if u want to take nice photos

Cosy seats for friends to chillax 

Every part of the cafe is specially designed with lot of hello kitty decorations.

There is also outdoor seats but the winter is just too cold to sit outside...

For those who are a crazy fan of Hello Kitty, you can even buy merchandise over here.

Overall, it is a nice cafe to chillax especially after a long day of shopping at nearby Ewha woman university street and Sinchon. It is also a popular place for couple to go dating as I saw quite a few couples over here.

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