Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bukhansan national park

Location: 경기 의정부시 망월로 Mangwol-ro, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do 

Operating hours: Open all year round except night hiking prohibited 

How to get there: As there are lot of hiking trails which start at different points, you would have to go to different hiking center. We are going for the bukhansanseong fortress course so it would be Bukhansanseong hiking support center. For more information on the hiking trail, you can visit the official website.

Finally, I am here :) I did plan for hiking in bukhansan national park in my first Korea trip but did not go ahead as my friends are sick of hiking (hallasan in Jeju, Geumejeong mountain fortress in Busan and namhansanseong provincial park). I am quite thankful that my sister willing to accompany me to hike as it is not an easy task.

Hiking in winter is quite different from other reasons as there are snow which can be quite slippery. My sister and I was not quite well prepared and we almost slipped a few time. In the end, we only climbed 2/3 of our journey before giving up... It is important to get real hiking shoe or those shoe spikes which can be simply fixed on the shoe. It usually costs around 4000 won. 

Other things to take note:

  • Thicken clothing as the temperature on the mountain is much colder compared to Seoul city
  • Bring lot of water even though it is winter, you still can get dehydrated
  • Bring some snacks as long as you will definitely get hungry along the way.
  • Comfortable pair of hiking shoes
  • Camera or handphone to take nice photos :)

Some of the nice photos which I took along the way. The scenery is really breathtaking and make me more determine to conquer other hiking places in the world. Hope to try Mount Seorak and even more Mount Everest base camp trek in the future. 

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