Sunday, December 21, 2014


Location: #07-01, Orchard central, 181 Orchard road

Operating hours:
Mon to Fri: 11:30-15:00
Sat, Sun, PH & Eve of PH: 11:30-22:00

Mon to Thur: 17:30-22:00
Fri, Sat, Sun, PH & Eve of PH: 17:00 - 22:00

This place used to be a korean restaurant named Sarang and I worked here for 1.5months before I went Korea for summer exchange program. It has quite a lot authetic and nice korean food in the past but the price was a bit on the high end. It end up closing in dec 2013 ...

After that, it was converted to KCook, korean bbq restaurant. The design of the restaurant remains the same except the fake trees are being chopped off. Great to be back here to try korean food again :)

Price of the BBQ buffet

Using smart app to key in our details and we can walk around the shopping centre instead of waiting outside the restaurants. They will send us a link where we can monitor our queue number. When our queue number is getting closer, it will send alert to inform. This is really awesome idea instead of blindly waiting outside the restaurant and wasting time.

It offers lot of fresh meats and vegetables. We can choose what we want to eat and start BBQ!! However, don't take too much and waste food!!

They also offer cooked food for those who are feel hungry while waiting for BBQ.

I strongly recommend trying this Korea pancake. It is really nice and crispy. I guess it is hard to find such yummy korean bbq pancake in Singapore. If it is a bit cool, can just heat up by BBQ for a short while. 

BBQ pork belly is always my favorite in korean BBQ so I shall start with them!! SPAM PORK BELLY :p

Looking at these bbq meats really make my saliva dripping!! The meats are really fresh and well marinated. They also serve Korean beer and Soju which u can try :)

Fresh cut food after dinner to help in digestion :)

Overall, it is really value for money and I really enjoy the korean BBQ. I would strongly recommend to come over and try this :p But do take note of the long queue during weekend so better to get one friend to go down and take queue number. We waited close to 1.5 hours before we get our table. Luckily, we can monitor the waiting time and walk around the shopping centre.

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