Sunday, September 7, 2014

Claire loves

Location:14 Lorong Telok | It is around 10 minutes walk away from raffles place and clarke quay mrt station.
Operating hours:
Mon-Sat: 11:30am-3pm, 6-10:30pm
Closed Sunday
My friends and I never heard of this restaurant until it was one of the sponsor for our NTU SPMS D&D. We won some vouchers during the games and decided to give the restaurant a visit. Initially, I didn't have intend to blog about this as I think it is just another restaurant and I didn't bring my camera along. Upon arriving, I decided to blog and share this unique place. This bistro is very unique as it is combination of food, wine, lifestyle retail and most unique part is the art gallery. It is located at boat quay area but the restaurant has quite a nice and peaceful ambiance compared to the surrounding. It is really a great place for friends to hangout and chill :)
First floor

Second floor

Every part of the restaurant is really well decorated with art pieces. Although I am not really artistic person, I can really feel the relaxing peaceful great ambiance of the place.

There also have a wide selection of wine for those who appreciate and enjoy wine :)

There is two set of menu that is on-going promotion.

Raspberry salad: Usually salad are usually a bit sour but this is slightly sweet. The small bread piece is really crunchy and nice. They also add in grapefruit so the vegetables also doesn't have a raw taste.

Signature claypot chicken rice with truffle oil: It tastes like dumpling except they use normal rice instead of glutinous rice. It is also not greasy at all compared to dumpling. They are also quite generous with the meat portions :)

Fresh salmon ,beurre blanc & vegetables: Salmon is really well cooked well maintain the freshness though the portion seem a bit small to me. If you are ordering a set meal which comes with salad and dessert, it would be just nice :)

Pan-seared chicken thigh with pepper sauce: This is one of the best chicken I ever had. When the chef is cooking this dish, I can smell the aroma of this dish. The smell is really nice and I can tell it is going to be awesome. The meat is really well marinated to absorb the essence. The skin is really crispy yet maintaining the juiciness of the meat. I really love this dish and strongly recommend it!! Hope some days, i would be able to cook chicken similar to this standard.

Souffle with ice cream: We can hear the beating sound of the egg right after the chef prepared our meal course. It is made fresh on the spot so it would take around 20 minutes to prepare. The taste has eggy taste with slight sweetness and the texture is really soft like marshmallow. Good dessert to have after the main course. There is also free flow of Carribbean ice lemon tea which has the right amount of sweetness. We keep on drinking as it is really nice. End up going to toilet a few times ...

The service of this restaurant is really good. The staff will automatically help us to top up our drink without requesting for it. There is one friendly uncle who served us and chit-chat with us sharing a lot interesting stories :)

Overall, it is good hangout places for people want to enjoy a nice peaceful ambiance in the small corner of city :) I will definitely share this interesting and unique bistro with my friends. Can share your experience at this unique cafe too :)