Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunmoon lake

Sunmoon lake
How to go: Take Yuanlin Bus from alishan to sunmoon lake which costs around 350NT. There are two trips per day at 1pm and 2pm. Just get from the shop located next to the toilet at 7-11. The bus ride would take around 3 hours to reach sunmoon lake and the bus driver is really nice; stopping at a few different places and explaining to us some of the attractions along the way! Can really feel he is passion about his job :)

Our minsu: Laurel Villa

Look at number of awards

 Our bedroom

They even provide some teabags for us to taste the famous red tea and teach us how to prepare a nice red tea. The whole room is really quite spacious and good. Furthermore, it is located near the lake where we can go for night walk along the lake. One of the most important factor why this minsu is way better than other is special "morning walk" to catch the sunrise. However, it also depends on the weather.

I have also learnt from the owner that the real good tea doesn't require any hot or warm water. It can be even prepared from normal plain water. I have also bought some good red tea from the owner and it is really good compared to other teas I have drank before.
Night walk along the lake

Some of decorations along the river. There are quite a number of cafes for us to relax.

Cartoon king cafe near the tourist center
What is so unique about this cafe? Everything is made of cardboard from animals to table & chair and even the wonders of the world. The chair can really support our weight :) Here are some of the photos inside the cafe.

Morning walk to catch sunrise
we had to wake up around 4am to get prepare for the sunrise. However, it was quite cloudy so we are unable to get a very nice view of the sunrise. The morning walk is really quite refreshing. I can't share too much as the owner has requested to protect the original condition of the place. So go and experience for yourself :)

Cycling around the lake
To cycle around the whole lake is not easy as some part of the route is going up the mountain which is a challenge for most people. It is popular place for cyclist to train themselves for competition and one round would take them around 2 hours. At first, i was really keen on the challenge but my friends preferred a short distance -.- There are quite a lot bicycles shop located along the lake for you to rent a bicycle. The best time to cycle is before 9am when the tour guide start bring tourists around the whole lake which disturb the peaceful lake ... The view along the lake is really quite beautiful with mountains and lake scenery. Some of the photos take along the way

Next stop would be Taichung fengchia night market (I would consider the best night market in taiwan) and Cingjing!!! Remember to look out for my post :)