Tuesday, May 27, 2014

fengchia night market

How to go: Taichung Railway Station, continue by Bus No. 25 or 35 to Feng Chia University stop.
This is the second time I come to fengchia night market. I think it is the best and biggest night market compared to shilin and raohe night market. It is spacious and there are quite a lot stores selling a wide variety of food.

octopus ball: 35NT

There are a few flavors which you can choose from and it is freshly made. Compared to those found in Singapore, I think it is fresh and chewy. Maybe they use more meats compared to Singapore using more flour for the mixture.

Germany Pork knuckle: 100NT

For 100NT portion, we can choose two different sauces to go with it. It is quite rare to find cheap pork knuckle so we decided to give it a try. The meat is quite juicy but the skin is not crispy enough.

Pot ice cream: 60NT

This idea is really quite creative and interesting. At first, I saw people holding a pot and trying to eat it. My thought was "soil can eat meh?" Then i realize it is ice cream underneath the layer of oreo cookies powder. To make it real, they even add a small leaf stalk in the middle. Inside the ice cream, they also add "pop rock candy" which will pop in your mouth and nata de coco to give ice cream more texture.

Grilled century egg: 50NT

It is my first time trying grilled century egg. Personally, I dislike century egg as it has a weird taste. However, this one seem okay to me. It is a bit crispy on the outside and chewy inside.

Papaya milk: 50NT

There is quite a lot artists who visited this store and claimed to be the best papaya milk tea. I was keen in trying but found that it is just normal not as great as I expected. However, the portion is really quite big compared to other store.

Fresh grilled scallop: 100NT
We bought 3 different stick of scallop for 100NT. There are 8 different flavor for us to choose from. The scallops are slowly defrost in front of the store. Once customers ordered, the person start to grilling them. It is really quite fresh and chewy.

Mushroom pot: 100NT

It is my favorite dish. They use 4 different types of mushroom and deep fried. It is really quite easy to prepare but they really taste great. If you are interested in making, can ask me :p The portion is really big for 100NT and really worth trying :)

Da chang bao xiao chang: 40NT

I don't really like this as it is really quite plain. However, my friends saw the q is really long and they didn't try it before so we end up buying one. There are quite a few flavors to choose from. I only recommend eating this if you are really hungry even after all night market food and it is really filling.

Two small soft toys which i captured in the night market. It is really quite easy to capture the soft toys compared to Singapore and they have more variety & way cheaper than Singapore. Just 0.4sgd per try :)

Fengchia night market is really big and has a lot different stores selling everything ranging from food to clothes to handphone cover. I recommend spending at least 4 to 5hours here to walk through the whole night market :)

My next stop will be cingjing. Good for those who love sheep :)