Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cingjing to Hualian

For this route, we booked a cab to travel from Cingjing to Hualian using the central cross island highway tour
Chingjing - Wuling - Hehuanshan - Bilyu Sacred Tree - Tiansiang - Swallow Grotto Trail - Eternal Spring Shrine - Entrance of Taroko National Park - (Cingshuei Cliff) - Hualien train station or any hotel in Hualien city
• 1-4 people NT5000 / per car, 5-6 people NT6000 / per car
• Cingshuei Cliff - pay an additional NT500 / per car
• The trip takes about 8 hours.
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Wu ling

It is the highest point in taiwan which can be accessed by vehicle. It is 3275 metre high. It was quite cloudy that day and I am unable to get any nice photo ... The temperature is really quite cooling.


We didn't really climb hehuanshan. It is one of the popular spot for hiking to the top and catch sunrise. Here is the path to hehuanshan which is around 3422metre.

Bilyu Sacred Tree

Bilu Sacred Tree is a Lunta Fir which is around 3,200 years old and 50m high with a diameter of 3.5metre. It is really tall and high similar to the shenmu at alishan.


We stopped by tiansiang to have our lunch and have a short walk to explore.
Buddha and pagoda behind the temple
Where the two rivers meet
Giant rock that falls from the mountain during the earthquake. These rocks are at least 10 times bigger than an elephant so you can imagine the impact when they landed on the ground. Every time the earthquake happens, the landscape of hualian can change quite a lot and roads might have to be rebuilt.

Swallow Grotto Trail
It is actually a dark tunnel trail where you can walk through and observe the holes on the cliff.

Some parts of the trail are closed down for repair due to earthquake! Guess we are just unlucky ...

Eternal Spring Shrine
It was raining heavily when we reached here. Hard to take clear photo
It was constructed as main memorials for the 212 veterans who had died during the central cross island highway. It was rebuilt at least twice after the landslide from earthquake that destroyed it.

Entrance of Taroko National Park
There is another entrance gate for the vehicle but it was raining quite heavily and vehicles might not be able to see clearly. Hence, we just settle with this to take photo.

Cingshuei Cliff

It is the highest coastal cliff in taiwan with very beautiful scenery facing the Pacific Ocean. It connects yilan and hualian. The ocean next to the cliff is really deep. The taxi driver saw that a bus of China tourists fell from the cliff and the bodies can't be found.

It is really beautiful pebbles beach with very clear water. Why is it named qixingtan? It is because of the shapes formed by the coast which I heard from the driver.
Beautiful pebbles!! Tempted to pick some and bring back but imaging the weight of carrying them around ...
Overall, the whole journey is really quite long but with beautiful scenery. If only it didn't rain heavily, it would be much better.

Minsu: Sunrise hostel

Our room which is really quite nice and comfortable. It is located 15 minutes walk from ziqiang night market.

Ziqiang night market
For this night market, I would recommend two food to try. First one is this store.

Chicken chop with noodle. The portion is really quite filling and the taste is delicious. The meat is well grilled and goes well with the sauce. For those who love beef, can try the beef with noodle instead.
For the second store, I would recommend is "guan cai ban"

Different type of guan cai ban
We ordered butter crab. It is toasted bread with a square box cut in the middle filled with the topping we ordered. It is quite a simple dish which most of us can make at home but the taste is really great.
I would skip the taipei part as I have blogged about it in my previous trips which is pretty much the same.