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How to go: Take a bus from Taichung to Cingjing which cost 500NT. Can check out the this website. They also offer bus service for different locations and day tours.

Our minsu: Star villa

here is our room with very comfortable and big beds
Our own balcony
View from our own balcony

This minsu is really quite good and well located between the swiss garden and cingjing farm. The owners and staffs are really friendly. The staff also drives customers to cingjing farm which make things convenient for us :) There are also shops nearby which is around 10 minutes walk where we can have our lunch and buy gifts too.

Cingjing farm

Ticket price
The cute ticket with sheep :)

Once we entered the farm, we are greeted by a big patch of green grassland with lot lot of sheep!!!!!

Sheep feed machine! The sheep are really smart. Once they sense you have the food, they would crowd around you. Once it is finish, they just walk away ... so realistic ...
Feeding the sheep
Black sheep!!

Young sheep!! They are really so cute :)

You also can pay additional cost to try horse ride if you are interested!
cute little horse

There is some performance located at another part of cingjing farm but we did not go as it rained heavily so we chose to hide under shelter.

Dinner at yi na su which is recommended by minsu owner. They provide transport to and fro from your minsu. I did some research and found that quite a lot taiwan tv shows also recommend this place so we decided to give it a try.

Here is the menu! We ordered 4 dish set A.
Rice served in traditional wooden pot
Bamboo shoot!! It is really quite well cook!! Personally I don't like to eat bamboo shoot as they are quite hard and tasteless! However, this is really well cook until it is really soft. Furthermore, it is cooked with chicken soup to enhance the taste.
Normal clear soup
Fresh Cabbage from the farms around Cingjing
Wild boar meat with vegetables! Wild boar meat is much tougher compared to the normal pork meat. I still prefer normal pork meat over this.
Roasted chicken!! This is the best in this restaurant!! The skin is really crispy and well roasted. The meat is also really soft and tender. They even provide us with glove to eat. One of the best roasted chicken I ever have!! Strongly recommend!!!

Overall, the dinner is really quite filling and nice. Really worth trying. Our plan is visiting the swiss garden next morning but it is closed for renovation ... Quite suay ... Next stop would taroko park from Cingjing.

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