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How to go:Take a train from kaohisung train station to Chaiyi train station. Once you walk out of the train station, go toward your right side and you would notice a small bus terminal where you can purchase the bus ticket to alishan. The bus ticket costs around 250NT and takes around 2.5hours to reach the top. *remember to take motion sickness pill as the bus journey is quite long
Here is the bus timing or you can find out more information over here. This website is really quite good as it contains the tourist shuttle bus route information. You can also use it to plan to go other tourist attractions.

Nice scenery on the way to Alishan
The entrance fee for Alishan recreation area is 150NT for adult on normal day or 200NT for adult on holiday, 100NT for students and elderly.
Cingshan hotel

How to go:You would alight at 7-11. Just across the road and you would see flight of stair leading downward.

Just walk all the way down and you would notice the hotel is located on the right side. It is just 10 minutes walk from the Alishan tourist area where you can get your meals and transport. It is quite convenient to travel around here. The owner is really quite nice and patient. She helps us to plan our whole route and recommends us where to eat for our dinner. As the hotel room is not ready, we just leave our backpack here and head out for our lunch at 7-11.
Our hiking journey:Taking train to chaoping -> Sisters lake ->Shenzhou temple -> sacred tree cluster trail -> walk back to alishan recreation area | The whole journey took us around 2.5 hours. Do remember to bring along ur running shoe and umbrella/rain coat :)

First stop: Taking the train to chaoping which cost 50NT for one way | If you are interested in catching sunrise at zhu shan which is a must do things for tourist, you can also buy the tickets in advance. Adult: 150NT for two way trips

Here is the timetable for the train.

Here is our train :)

Sister lakes
Heart shape tree

Shen mu!! It might look small here but the width can be a few meter wide!!!
Alishan museum where you can learn interesting facts about the whole alishan area :)
Some of the leftover flowers :) If you come during booming season, you would be able to see a lot beautiful flowers including the sakura!! It is usually around March to April.
The whole journey took us around 2.5 hours and the air is really refreshing. I really love hiking here and enjoy the nice scenery. It also helps me to clear my flu and cough which is with me for months ...
We had our dinner at bao restaurant recommended by the hotel owner which is just located opposite the alishan post office. Some of the most tried dishes are stir fried wild boar, grilled chicken and steamboat. They really quite nice and yummy.
We had to wake up around 3:30am to set off to the train station and board the train to zhu shan in order to catch our sunrise. The timing for sunrise during each season would be slightly different so remember to check with the staff.

More sunrise photos :)
My next stop would be Sunmoon lake!! Remember to look out for it :p

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