Friday, February 7, 2014

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Location: It is located at 8th floor of orchard central.

I met up with my poly friends for dinner at orchard central. As we were roaming around to look for place to dine in, I saw this unique restaurant where customers can dine on normal dinning table and traditional Japanese flooring. Furthermore, one of my friends said the food is quite good so we decided to give it a try. I ordered charcoal grilled minced chicken set meal.

This chawanmushi is really quite nice. Usually when I have chawanmushi, I need to add a bit of soya sauce. However, this tastes really great without any sauce. There is also hidden shiitake mushroom below which adds flavor toe chawanmushi.

The rice with half boiled egg and soup. I not sure what kind of soup is this but it also tastes great.

The highlight of the meal: Charcoal grilled minced chicken. I really love this dish. The chicken meat is really well grilled and tender. The sauce is slightly sweet which help to enhance the taste of the meat. However, I don't really like the mash potato taste.

The service of the restaurant is so-so. I had to raise hand a few times before the waitress came over ... Furthermore, my friends ordered beer and one of the waitress accidentally spilled the beer on my friend -.- Even though he didn't drink any beer but he really smelled like a drunkard. Overall, it is really quite nice experience to dine here with the unique layout and delicious food. Everything is good except for service.

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