Friday, February 28, 2014

Miam Miam Review

Location: It is located at 1th floor of westgate

Operating hours:11:30am to 10.00pm daily

My friend suggested this restaurant as it is mixture of French Artisanal Cuisine and Japanese culinary which sound quite nice. At first, I was skeptical about this suggestion when I saw quite a lot bad reviews on this restaurant. People are complaining about the bad service and food on hungrygowhere. However, I decided to give it a try since I didn't try such cuisine before.

When we arrived at the restaurant around 6pm, there was only a few people waiting in the queue and we managed to get our seats quite fast.
Menu of the restaurant
Teriyaki Spaghetti:I ordered this spaghetti. The bacon was quite nice and not too salty. The chicken meat was kind of disappointing as it was not well marinated :( I love the leeks which has crunchy feel and mushroom is always my favorite. The spaghetti was quite delicious except dryness.

Squid Ink Pasta: I find this pasta a bit of weird due to the squid ink -.- At first, i wasn't keen on trying it but my friends all convinced me that it is quite nice. I took a small bite and it was quite good. However, it gave me a black teeth and black lip like a monster ...

Carbonara Spaghetti: Carbonara usually has a very thick sauce to go with the spaghetti which make people bloated after eating a while. However, the sauce for this Carbonara has quite a nice texture, not too thick or watery. The taste is also quite yummy.

Miam Miam Spaghetti: This dish is one of the highlight of this restaurant. It has quite a lot ingredients to go with the spaghetti unlike others. It is really quite yummy and delicious. It is a must try in this restaurant.

Riz au curry: The taste is quite normal and nothing special about this dish. Even my friend couldn't finish this dish. Not worth giving a try.

French toast: This dish is also all time favorite of the restaurant. The bread is quite well toasted and cut into small cube. There is ball of whipped cream on top on of it. It could be better if it is ice cream as I don't really like whipped cream. We were given sweet maple syrup to pour over it which helps to enhance the taste of the french toast. Another must try dish.

  The restaurant doesn't serve any ice water which is bad especially customers get thirsty after eating "dry" pasta and spaghetti. I think they are trying to "force" customers to buy drinks which we did in the end ...

The service of the restaurant is quite good at first but the servers keep on trying to clear our plates when some of us haven't finish consuming our dinner. I have worked in F&B industry so I know the manager constantly reminding us to clear the plates and utensil. However, they should at least waited until everyone is done with it which gave us a feeling that they are trying to chase us away. I can see the long queue outside the restaurant but they shouldn't do this to the customers.

Overall, we spent a total of $177 for 7 people. The food is quite nice unlike the reviews on hungrygowhere. The service is still acceptable but can be further improved on. Remember to go early if you want to avoid the long queue :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crystal jade Kitchen

Location: It is located at 5th floor of causeway point.

Operating hours:11am to 10.00pm daily

I went to crystal jade to have dinner quite a number of times but this is my first visit after the renovation at causeway point. It has shift from the 4th floor to the 5th floor. The current interior design is more chinese style where they made use of flower drawing and wooden door. The whole restaurant is quite spacious and seating are quite comfortable which help in bring pleasant dining experience :)

The table is also equip with this button to call for service. I find this quite useful as least we don't have to keep raising our hands trying to grab attention of the waiter/waitress
Roasted pork belly and crispy roasted duck: We ordered this two dishes and they help us combined into one plate. The roasted pork belly is quite nice except for the skin not crispy. The crispy roasted duck is quite tender and it doesn't give a dry taste. The sauce also goes well with sauce.  

Stewed addicted vegetable with preserved beancurd sauce in a wok: This dish is just quite horrible even though with my favorite vegetables inside. The sauce has a really weird and funny taste. I won't recommend this dish at all.

Braised broccoli with assorted mushroom: This is my favorite dish of all. It is simple and yet delicious. The vegetable is quite well cooked and the sauce goes well with it. It is a must try especially for those who love mushroom!!

Crystal jade fried rice:As our table is full with all the dishes, the waitress helped us to scoop into small bowl for us. The service is quite good. They are quite generous with the ingredients which make the fried rice look appetizing. However, the taste is quite bland and disappointing.

Yang zhou fried rice: It might not look as colorful as crystal jade fried rice but the aroma and taste is really quite good. They use fresh cut prawn instead of those tiny little shrimp which give the an extra chewy taste.

Spicy & Sour Soup: I love spicy & sour soup but this soup is really terrible. I wonder if they have free vinegar as the soup taste so salty. The spicy and sour taste is totally overwhelm by the salty taste ... Try this dish at your own risk

Seafood horfan: I wonder how did they cook this dish? Just cook the hor fan and put aside? When customer order the dish, they just pour the gravy over it. he whole hor fan just stick together like a big chuck and the gravy is quite of bland. Another disappointing dish.

Beancurd with mushroom: The beancurd is quite soft and the gravy helps to enhance the taste. I love this dish :)

DF Marble Goby: This fish is really quite fresh and crispy. It doesn't have the fishy taste. The waitress is quite nice helping us to cut the fish into small portion for us.

  We also ordered a pot of tea which is refillable. Overall, the service in this restaurant is quite good. However, some of the food are not up to standard so you got to know what to order.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Location: It is located at 8th floor of orchard central.

I met up with my poly friends for dinner at orchard central. As we were roaming around to look for place to dine in, I saw this unique restaurant where customers can dine on normal dinning table and traditional Japanese flooring. Furthermore, one of my friends said the food is quite good so we decided to give it a try. I ordered charcoal grilled minced chicken set meal.

This chawanmushi is really quite nice. Usually when I have chawanmushi, I need to add a bit of soya sauce. However, this tastes really great without any sauce. There is also hidden shiitake mushroom below which adds flavor toe chawanmushi.

The rice with half boiled egg and soup. I not sure what kind of soup is this but it also tastes great.

The highlight of the meal: Charcoal grilled minced chicken. I really love this dish. The chicken meat is really well grilled and tender. The sauce is slightly sweet which help to enhance the taste of the meat. However, I don't really like the mash potato taste.

The service of the restaurant is so-so. I had to raise hand a few times before the waitress came over ... Furthermore, my friends ordered beer and one of the waitress accidentally spilled the beer on my friend -.- Even though he didn't drink any beer but he really smelled like a drunkard. Overall, it is really quite nice experience to dine here with the unique layout and delicious food. Everything is good except for service.

Seodaemun Prison History Museum

Seodaemun Prison History Museum

How to go there: Alight at Dongnimmun Station and come out from exit 5. It is located on the left side of the exit.
The entrance is just 3000won which is quite affordable. When I told my friends in Korea that I am going prison, they must be thinking "michoso". Who would like to visit such places? I am running out of ideas to visit in this trip. I have visited most part of Seoul like all the palaces, museums and shopping places. I also want to avoid cafe for today hence I decide to visit something unique. Furthermore, visiting prison would be an eye opener for me especially this prison museum is not a normal prison. It showcases the fight to freedom and history of korea during Japanese occupation.
The prison is quite well structure. First part of the tour is about the history of the prison and second part is walking around the prison.
Overview of the whole prison but some part of it is already being tear down
Shackle used in the past
the torture box -.- the prisoner was placed inside this box with thorns and the Japaneses would kick the box. Just imagine the pain caused by this thorns ...

How the Japaneses tortured the prisoner to make them confess/surrender ... quite cruel

Freedom fighters
How they delivery meals to the prisoners
Quite unique mechanism where the prisoners push a button inside and the stick outside the prison will fall to inform of any emergency
The exercise area for prisoners where they are separated to prevent any form of communication
All these bricks inside this prison has this sign

Overall, it is really quite an eye opener for me and I learnt quite a lot about Japanese occupation. I recommend spending 2 to 3 hours around the prison. The tour also highlights to me the importance of the army to the country. Although I don't really like serving army for 2 years, it is still important to every country especially quite a lot recent events. Just looking at recent news about Indonesia's decision to name a new naval ship after two marines executed for a 1960s bombing in Singapore. I am not sure what is their real motive but we need to defend ourselves against any threats. Hence, it is still important to defend our own country.