Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skiing @ yongpyong resort

During winter, skiing is one of the must do thing. The best we can do in Singapore is just ice skating ... Yongpyong Resort is one of the largest ski and snowboard resort in korea. The ski season for this runs from November to early April which is longer compared to other resorts. It has 31 slopes, 15 different lift facilities and Korea's largest ski house. Furthermore, Yongpyong will be hosting site for 2018 Winter Olympics (slalom and giant) and 2018 Winter Paralympics. Hence, we decide this is one!!
How to go there: First, we have to get to Gangbyeon Station where the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is located at. Get a bus ticket going to Hoenggye and from there get a free shuttle bus to the resort (Bus Schedule: 04:40, 05:20, 06:20, 07:20, 08:00, 08:30, 09:40, 12:00, 14:00, 16:20, 17:40, 18:50, 20:00, 21:00, 23:30). *For us, we went to Pyeongchang Trout Festival so we took a cab from there which costs around 28000won.
We booked a Standard Ondol with the Tower Condominium (260,000won for 4 people) which is just located beside the ski park. The room is really big and able to accommodate at least up to 6 people. It is also clean and come with a beautiful overview of the whole place. There is also restaurants located on the ground floor of the resort.
Photo of ski park during the night
Morning overview of the resort from our room :)
Yongpyong ski&board school. We booked a morning (10am to 12pm) and afternoon lesson (2:30pm to 4:30pm) which cost 380,000won for 3 people. The morning lesson consists of how to ski and afternoon is taking the lift and ski down from the slope:)
Before we started our lesson, we had to rent and buy a number of items.
1)Ski rental 26000won for morning+afternoon
2)Ski Wear rental 25000won for morning+afternoon
3)Buy ski goggle for 35000won and glove for 10000won as they do not rent these 2 items.
4)Buy lift pass (afternoon) for 57000won since we only start using lift in the afternoon.
*As my friends have Korea credit card, they come with discount for some of these expenses. For more details, check out here
The coach is really quite patient on teaching us on how to ski. It is also really good to have our own personal coach compared to others are learning a big group. We can get to learn things at a much faster rate. Another good point about having personal coach, we have a express pathway to take the lift where the q is usually long.
Photo with our coach.
When we moved to the afternoon lesson, we had to take the lift to slope and start skiing down. I am really quite scared at first looking at the height ... I fell quite a number of times while skiing down. After countless of falling,I managed to ski down peacefully!! Overall, it is really a nice experience and I will definitely try skiing again:) I am really thankful for my friends who accompanied to the ice fishing and ski resort!! We booked a bus service which cost 16000won at 5pm to return back to Seoul.