Sunday, January 5, 2014

Neko no niwa

Location: 54A Boat Quay Singapore 049843
How to get there: Exit from raffle place mrt station exit G. Walk for about 7 minutes along the river toward clarke quay direction.
Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays: 11am to 10pm | Saturdays and Public Holidays: 10am to 10pm | Sundays: 2pm to 9pm
Here is their facebook page

Personally I am neutral toward cats but I decided to take a look at the cats with my friends: Mia and OYHZ. It is quite hard to lookout for the signboard as it is pretty small. When we arrived at the cat cafe, it is quite a small area. We were told to remove our shoe and wash our hands before entering the cats zone.

We were given a handbook which contains details of every cats in the cafe.

Almost all the cats are sleeping when we arrived at the cafe ...

Emma one of the first few cats to wake up and start playing with us. She really enjoyed playing with the mouse tail game and also actively chewing my bag strap T.T However, we are told off by the staff about provoking her. We stopped the mouse tail game and she went on to look for other people to play with.
Another favorite cat in the cafe: Miley. She looks really beautiful with the fur and enjoys brushing.

Photo of her sharping her claws 0.0 After brushing her for a while, she fell asleep again and we had to move on to another cats.

1.Never pull a cat tail, whisker or ear (people are told off by the staff even when they tried to stroke the tail ... Other was told off when they gave a belly rub. I find it quite unreasonable. If a cat does not like, it would resist again it. )
2.Don't wake a cat (I find this quite reasonable)
3.Never attend to hold or carry a cat (I agree with this )
4.Take lot of pictures without flash (I agree with this also)
5.Don't allow cats to eat your food or touch your drink (Agree since they are sensitive to some food)
6.Speak softly (This one I agree as well)

Personally, I find that it is quite expensive for the cafe cafe. Just 2 hours in cat cafe costs $22 when visiting other dog cafes cost less than $10 with no restriction of time. Furthermore, there is quite a lot restrictions and people are being told off by the staff. Cats are also sleeping most of the times. Since I am volunteering at SPCA, I can get to interact with cats or even void deck cats are better.

As compared to cat cafe in myeongdong (I will blog about it later on) which I went recently, they have similar rules but they are more willing to explain to customers on how to interact with the cats. I find their staff are more friendly and patient compared to Neko cafe. Those cats who doesn't like to interact are given a scarf to let customers know beforehand. Furthermore, they also provide tools which customers can use to interact with the cats. We can also purchase food for the cats. The entrance fee is around $10 and comes with a drink.

Why should we pay so much for cat cafe where the staff is not that friendly? Maybe it is the only cat cafe? After comparing, I feel that the Neko cat cafe is a "no no".