Monday, December 30, 2013

Mayim Chinese Cuisine

Location: #02-04 West Mall 1 Bukit Batok Central Link

Operating hours:Mon-sat: 11am - 10pm | Sun: 10:30am - 10pm
This is the second time I visited and the first time I ate at west mall. This restaurant ss recommended by my friend. We ordered different dishes to share around as we wanted to try out more dishes.
Roasted pork. This is one of my favorite at the restaurant. The skin is quite crispy and the meat is quite chewy. The unique point of this dish is the yam paste. It is the first time i tried eating roasted pork with yam sauce. Personally, I don't really like yam food but this is nice. The sauce goes quite well with the meat.
Dry roasted mushroom noodle. Nothing special about this dish.

Yang zhou fried rice. The ingredients portion is quite generous but the rice tasted kind of bland.

Salted fish chicken ball tofu pot. The sauce is quite nice and goes well to cover the bland fried rice. The texture of the tofu is also just right. The chicken is more like minced meat.

fried dumpling. The skin is quite crispy and the filling taste good.

vegetarian lion head. It is quite nice but I still prefer the real lion head.

Yu zi roasted chicken. This dish is also quite nice and unique which I never try before. The chicken is quite tender and delicious. My favorite part is the egg though it looks kind of messy. The egg has a nice texture and it tastes really good.

We also ordered milk tea but it really tastes quite bad ... We spent around $90 for 4 people. Overall, some of the food is quite good but the service is quite poor. The waitress just put the dish on the table without mentioning the name.