Friday, December 14, 2012

Taiwan backpack trip Day 5

Tao yuan

How to go there: Take train from taipei main station to zhongli station. I booked my hotel around this area as it is more accessible and nearer to the airport.

First stop: Daxi Flower Ocean Farm Ranch
This place is given a nickname: The "sacred place of TV idol dramas" as quite a lot dramas are being filmed here: “Green Light Forest,” “My Secret Garden 2,” Wedding Dress of Heaven,” “In Love of Fragrance,” “Fighting Kings,” “The Dolphin Loves the Cat”. In additional to beautiful scenery, there is a restaurant with South European romantic literary style called the “Van Gogh’s Home Western Style Restaurant,” and the multi-functional Spanish red “Flower Ocean Cultural Hall.”
How to go there: Buy one day pass NT$ 100 ticket in the passenger terminal of Chungli Taoyuan Station or buy the tickets in any Taiwan Shuttle bus stop. Alight at the last stop: cihu. This ticket is really good as it really allow u travel unlimited rides on that day. The company also provide other tour buses in other area. For more detail, check out here.

The scenery here is really beautiful and awesome. It is also quite a popular place for couple to take their wedding photos here.

There is also small animals farm inside the flower farm. Look at this cute horse. He is so shy that I find it so hard to take his photo ...

Look at all the cute decorations around the farm. As it is near Christmas, there is quite a lot Christmas decoration. This really bring me a christmas feeling :)

There is also a cute tram which bring the tourists around the farm as it is really quite big inside here.

There is DIY shop here where u can make ur own flower and cute gifts for ur friends. It is really worth visiting place. It is open 365 days and they constantly change the plants and flowers catering to the different season. Just enjoy the beautiful scenery in the farm while relaxing ur mind :)

Second stop: Cihu memorial park
It is located next to the ocean flower farm. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Sculpture Park is the only memorial park in the world dedicated to statues of a single person. There are 152 statues of former president found in the park. Most of them are donated by school and goverment agencies. To say the truth, they all look quite similar. There are Cihu Presidential Burial Place, Cihu Visitor Center, Baiji Trail and Houci Lake here. It is really quite big that I didn't mange to complete the whole place.

Overall, cihu is really quite nice place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax ur mind. It is also quite popular place to take wedding photos. Remember to at least cater 5 to 6 hours if u really want to enjoy.

Last stop: Zhong li train station

Although zhong li might not be well developed as compared to taipei, there are quite a lot interesting shops here with very cute design and name. Some of them are really cute and unexplored. The whole area is really quite huge which took me 2hours plus to walk around. There are also quite a lot yummy food here which I forget to take *shutup* Hope u all enjoy the nice photos and information I share :)
After this backpack trip, I went to Suzhou/shanghai/hangzhou. I will do another separate posting on these places.