Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taiwan backpack trip Day 4


How to go there: Take train to tamsui station.

Try guessing what is this? haha it is one of the popular milk tea brand in Singapore known as Koi :p I bought 1 drink when i arrived at tamsui.

First stop: Tamsui fisherman's wharf

The scenery here is awesome. U can see the whole wharf against the clear blue sky and mountain. U can cycle rent a bicycle to cycle around here and enjoy the breeze :)
How to go there: Take Bus Red-26, 836, or 837

The famous lover bridge. There is a belief that lovers who walked through the bridge will stay together 4ever. I heard from another auntie saying after walking through bridge, singles will find a partner... I not sure how true is it cause I am still single ...

Love sign

lover bridge through love sign = many many loves :)

There is a market behind the lover bridge where u can go into buy local specialities. One of the most popular is jiang mu cha!! For those who watched 命中注定我愛你, will know jiang mu cha and jiang mu dao!! It is good gift for ur friends and family.

hotel along the way with awesome view

Mermaid fountain

One of the cuties I saw *love* even the owners bring their dogs out for walk :)

Second stop: Red hair castle

My phone captured quite a lot blur photos here and these are 2 best ... Anyway it was constructed in 1641. It is like a small castle. The compound also served as the British Consulate in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It showcases the history of the place and it is quite well preserved. If u love history or castle, can go take a look.

Last stop: Tamsui old street
In the day time

In the night time
It is a good place to view sunset in taiwan. Previously, I went to damsui in the evening to watch the sunset. The view is really nice without any obstruction!! It is long stretch of streets selling all kind of stuff. There are quite a lot yummy food here too.

There are quite a lot game shops here where u can try out all those childhood games. It is really quite fun trying to chase back ur childhood.
It is a must try dish over all. "ah gek fishball". There are quite a lot fake stores around trying to copy it. U just need to walk all the way straight down to find this store. I heard it is here for over 60 years. What is so special about the fishball is it contained meatball inside. It is really quite chewy and yummy :)

the fried mushroom!! It consists of 3 different type of mushroom: Golden mushroom, shitake mushroom and tall mushroom which I don't know the name ... The taste is a bit salty and it is really crispy. I even try to cook the dish myself back in Singapore. Click here if u r interested to make it.

The tall giant ice cream. U can either ask the shop keeper to help u make or diy. If u r really skilled enough, u can make at least 25cm tall *OMG* There are quite a lot other yummy taiwan snacks for u to explore. U can spend up 1 day trying to explore all the different part of tamsui. It is really quite big incorporating the modern and old streets together. There are also some cafes along the way for u to chillax.