Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interesting places to visit in suzhou part 3

Coming to the last part of suzhou trip, I will introduce other nice attractions

Pan Gate Scenic Area

Location: No.1 East Street, Canglang District

There are 3 key attractions in Pan gate scenic Area: Ruiguang pagoda built in 247, Wu gate bridge the entrance to the gate and Pan gate. Pan Gate was the key entrance to the wall the protected the ancient Suzhou and famous for its incorporate of both land and water city gates.

Ruiguang pagoda which was earliest Buddhist pagoda in Suzhou

It is the tallest building in this area and it can be seen from everywhere in pan gate scenic area.

Pan gate

Land pathway inside the pan gate

River pathway inside the pan gate

Overview of the buildings around pan gate

Pavilion built on top of rocks

Around the garden

It is really quite a nice place to visit learning the history of suzhou while enjoying the nice scenery around the garden. I recommend spending around 2 to 3 hours here to enjoy it.

Silk museum

Location: 2001 Renmin Rd, Ping Jiang Qu

Silk is one of the key products in Suzhou. In the past, Suzhou always supply silks to ancient royal families and it was the centre of silk trade. Hence, it is important to see how silk is being manufactured.

in the past, silk is manually extracted. With the help of the machinery, it makes work much easier and faster.

Silk blanket

There are quite a lot fake silk products around in the market hence it is better to get from those well known places. There are a few ways to test such as using flame and dissolving method. Silk has a lot benefits such as most hypoallergenic of all fabrics and keeping you warm in winter and cool when the weather is hot. Hence, you can consider getting silk blanket in suzhou where the price is considered cheap compared to other places.

hu qiu

Location: Huqiu, Suzhou

This hill is considered quite small but with a lot historic attractions. One of the key attraction is Yunyan Pagoda and it is nicknamed as "leaning Tower of China". The pagoda leans because the foundation is originally half rock and the other half is on soil. They claimed that tilted angle of the pagoda is more than leaning tower of pisa.

The whole place is surrounded by river where u can take a boat ride.

This rock is really special. If you try throwing a rock and it landed on the rock, your first child would be boy. If it drops off, your first child would be a girl. Can give it a try :)

writing craved on the road : the god of sword

Yunyan Pagoda

Writing by the 3 emperor when they visited the huqiu

Nice scenery around huqiu

It is another interesting place to visit with nice scenery and looking at the leaning tower of china. There are also quite a lot stories about this place which I will skip. I recommended spending at least 2 to 3 hours visiting this place.

With this post, I have come to the end of the suzhou trip. There are much more attractions in suzhou but I only blog about better one. Hope these information help you in planning :)