Monday, December 30, 2013

Mayim Chinese Cuisine

Location: #02-04 West Mall 1 Bukit Batok Central Link

Operating hours:Mon-sat: 11am - 10pm | Sun: 10:30am - 10pm
This is the second time I visited and the first time I ate at west mall. This restaurant ss recommended by my friend. We ordered different dishes to share around as we wanted to try out more dishes.
Roasted pork. This is one of my favorite at the restaurant. The skin is quite crispy and the meat is quite chewy. The unique point of this dish is the yam paste. It is the first time i tried eating roasted pork with yam sauce. Personally, I don't really like yam food but this is nice. The sauce goes quite well with the meat.
Dry roasted mushroom noodle. Nothing special about this dish.

Yang zhou fried rice. The ingredients portion is quite generous but the rice tasted kind of bland.

Salted fish chicken ball tofu pot. The sauce is quite nice and goes well to cover the bland fried rice. The texture of the tofu is also just right. The chicken is more like minced meat.

fried dumpling. The skin is quite crispy and the filling taste good.

vegetarian lion head. It is quite nice but I still prefer the real lion head.

Yu zi roasted chicken. This dish is also quite nice and unique which I never try before. The chicken is quite tender and delicious. My favorite part is the egg though it looks kind of messy. The egg has a nice texture and it tastes really good.

We also ordered milk tea but it really tastes quite bad ... We spent around $90 for 4 people. Overall, some of the food is quite good but the service is quite poor. The waitress just put the dish on the table without mentioning the name.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We are the Furballs (WTF cafe)

WTF cafe at Bugis+

Old WTF at Katong

Old Location: 45 East Coast Road, Singapore, Singapore 428765
How to get there: Go to Dakota MRT. Take bus no. 32 or 10 from the bus stop in front of Blk 99. Alight 5 bus stops later - after Katong Shopping Centre. Near 328 Katong Laksa

It has shifted from Katong area to Bugis area!!!

New Location: 201 Victoria Street #07-07 Bugis + (it is linked to bugis junction)

Operating hours: Mon - Thur 1 - 10pm | Fri, Sat 12:30- 10:30pm | Sun 1 - 10pm

If u are worried whether they are opened or not, u can also give them a call at this number: 65091186.
Here is their facebook page

I first noticed this dog cafe from my friend Mia when she blogged about it a few months back. She also introduced to OYHZ. I saw quite a lot cute photos about them everywhere. As a dog lover, I really keen on visiting them but quite a number of my friends felt it is waste of money *angry*. Finally, I found my friend pakling to go with it!! *Most of the photos credit to her as my handphone is running low on battery. We arrived around 1:45pm which was too early so we went to have katong laksa nearby. When the shop was opened, we were the first few customers already waiting outside the shop. *typical Singaporean kiasu ...

The shop is quite small as compared to the old place. Normal price is $9.50/person (Tues - Thur) & $10.50/person (Fri-Sun, PH & eve of PH). However, u might need to top up for some of the drinks. There is difference in adult/child and weekday/weekend charges. The shop is divided into 3 section. First section is the entrance area where customers can sit down to have their drink. Second section is where Mochi and Yuki-Chan to protect them against the bully "Slinky". The last section is where rest of the dogs are. There is table everywhere to allow us to place our bags and drinks which is quite thoughtful. The whole area is also air con and quite clean *thumb up*. I will jump into the dogs introduction now.
Meet Mochi the sleeping beauty! She spends most of her time sleeping in one small corner. When I tried to wake her up, she seem to be a bit grumpy. However, she is really guai and just sleep quietly on customers lap. *so cute*

Meet yuki-chan which is most timid dog. She always run everywhere and it is hard to play with her ... Even when she is in my arms, she still try to escape so I can only play with her from far. *sad

Meet lola which is the princess of the shop owner. She is very cute and a lot customers love to play with her. However, she is very shy and keep on hiding from us. When she is running about, it is like a bunny hoping around the shop.

Meet Lulu which is one of the playful dog. She always like to play with dog toys. If u want to grab her attention, just use the toys.

Meet buibui the greedy dog. If u have treat, she would be charging toward u like a bull. Remember not to stand up if not ur legs will be scratched by her.

Meet duchess the most active dog. She keeps running and jumping around. Somehow I feel she always being ignored and craved for attention.

Meet slinky the oscar award winner. Don't be deceive by her cute look. She always acts very innocent but she is always leading the bully!! When I went there, she led an attack with the rest of dogs on lola. When the owner came in, she instantly jumped onto the customer leg and pretended to be sleeping. *really quite a good actress* The owner told us that she is very good at acting 'innocent'.
These dogs are very smart. They are able to smell the dog treat even when it is so far away. We are given some free treats by shop owner. With these treats, we can give these dogs command to obey. We can ask them to sit and say "paw paw". They will raise their hand to do handshake. It is really cute. I share cute video from my friend.

Lola cute hand shake
Time really flies when we are inside the dog cafe. When we were leaving, we can see the Mochi sad face *cry*. She kept on looking at us but we got to leave. I had a great time inside here and I would definitely come back to visit my furballs friends. I shall end off with more cute photos *can just ignore me inside*

 Click here to see Mochi and Yuki-Chan paw paw session Click here to see Slinky paw paw session *all dogs can do paw paw as long u got treats :p

Recently, there are two new dogs being added and there are total 9 dogs instead of the 7 dogs.

Let meet Bongo the mini frenchie. Another aggressive dog like buibui which I do not like -.- She doesn't like to wait for her treat so can be a bit aggressive ...

Lastly, meet woolly the westie. Another cute dog but she is quite active and realistic. She will come to you when you have treat. Once she got the treats, she will go off ... Actually, most of the dogs in the cafe behave this way T.T unlike in the past ... Share some of the photos from this trip

Latest visit to WTF

 At the entrance, you would be given a pass for the entry. The rules of the cafe are stated on the pass itself.

 The treats which you are able to get at the counter.

The new cafe is much more spacious which allow the dogs to run around. There is also another dining section which comes with table and chair.

Slinky seem a bit emo today even though everyone want to play with her. She just went to corner and just hide inside the cupboard.

Buibui greedy bulldog only comes when there is treat for her ...

Lulu is now situated in dining section which is separated from other as I heard other dogs sometime gang up to bully her 0.0
Yuki chan always cute as usual and stays with lulu in dining section. She is on strict diet and I am unable to feed her. Whenever I tried to feed Lulu, she would come along but I just can't give her any treats. It is really sad to see her this way. Hope she would be healthy soon!


Mochi my favorite dog in the cafe sleeping on my lap whenever I just sit beside her. She always love to sleep and get a bit grumpy when you tried to wake up her.

What are you looking at???

I am so sleepy

Where is my treats!!!!

I am full and time for bed :)

If you are having a stressful day, come down to bugis+ and look for furballs. It would definitely clear all your stress and trouble away :)