Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tomato chawanmushi with fried golden mushroom

Tomato chawanmushi with fried golden mushroom and chicken. Here to share some simple dishes which you can prepare at home.

Tomato chawanmushi
4 tomatoes
2 eggs
Small chopped pieces of Shitake mushroom
1 small cup of water
a little light soy sauce
some chopped spring onion (as there is no onion at home so i didn't put)

1.Cut open the tomatoes and scrape away the flesh to make tomato bowls
2.Mix eggs with salt, chopped shitake mushroom and water
3.Pour the egg mixture into the tomatoes and steam for 10 minutes
4.Pour light soy sauce over the steamed tomates. Then scatter chopped spring onion and serve

Cooking tips:
Cover the tomato with wrapper or plate to prevent water droplets.

I saw the steamed egg recipe on some magazine and I decided to improve to chawanmushi. It is quite simple dish which you can prepare at home :)
fried golden mushroom
If you have been to Taiwan, you would definitely try this dish in the night market. It is also quite easy to make.
Skytime: preimum tempura mix
1 small bowl of water
golden mushroom (You can also use it to fry shitake mushroom)
1 small cup of water

1.Wash the golden mushroom and cut away the end
2.Soak the golden mushroom for 5 minutes. In the meantime, mix the water and flour until you get a thick mixture.
3.Separate the golden mushroom into small pieces and dry it before dipping into the mixture.
4.Heat up the oil. When it is ready, fry the golden mushroom coated with mixture until it is golden brown.

Cooking tips:
Make sure the golden mushroom is fully coated.
Can add some normal flour if you find it is too salty.

Another simple dish which you can prepare at home :)