Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taiwan backpack trip Day 3

Yangmingshan National Park

How to go there: Take train to Beitou station. Alight and take bus 230 to yangmingshan.
Yang ming shan is a popular hiking place for elder. On the bus ride there, the whole bus was almost full of elderly. The key attraction of the park is the flower clock. There are man made attractions like Xinhai Guangfu Building, statue of late president Chiang Kai-Shek and Wang Yang Ming, the famous Chinese scholar in the 17th century. Other than man made attraction, there are also nature attractions like volcanic activity, waterfall, river, flower, tree and sulfur mining. It is really quite beautiful place with nice scenery. If u are travelling to yang ming shan around march and april, u might be able to see the sakura flower opening. Remember to check forecast before u go.

Flower clock
maple leaf


How to go there: Take either bus 8 or bus 9 from yangmingshan to zhuzhihu

The whole place is just like ocean of flowers. It is quite a beautiful place but I went during the wrong season. It was really quite cold and all the flowers have not bloom yet. It is quite a popular place for couple to take their wedding photo during spring when all the flowers bloom. There are quite a lot restaurants located on the zhuzhihu. I went to one of them to have lunch. It is really nice to have a hot pot of soup with yummy fried rice while enjoying the view of the whole place. The whole yang ming shan is really quite a big place and I managed to only explore a small portion of it. The recommended time for yang ming shan is around 4 to 5hours. Can check out yangmingshan website to plan ur route :)

Beitou How to go: take bus from yang ming shan and alight at beitou.
Beitou is most famous for hot spring. There are so many hot spring hotels located here and u would be spoiled for choices :) In 2011, Beitou was ranked as a three-star tourist attraction in the Michelin Green Guide. Other than hot spring, there are beitou hot spring museum, Ketaglan culture centre and plum garden to visit.

Ketaglan culture Centre

First stop is Ketaglan culture centre where it showcases the history and culture of the taiwanese aborigines. It is slightly from the one which I visited at wulai which only showcase atayal. At these museum, it showcases all the different tribes. It is really quite interesting. However, there is restriction on taking photos inside so I am unable to show all the cool stuff. The whole place took me around 1 hour to complete.

Beitou museum

around the museum

old hot spring

The building was the best hot spring hotel during the Japanese rule. After the japanese left, it was converted into dormitory and further into beito museum. In 1998, it was designated a historic site by the Taipei City Government. Now it showcases how the hot spring is formed, the history of the building and the benefits of the hot spring. U can take tour around the museum to see the building which is quite well preserved. I spent around 1 hour in the museum. My next stop is trying the hot spring :)


There are quite a lot hot spring resorts around this area. Some of hot springs do not allow swimwear so I choose this one which allows. Furthermore, the location of the hot spring is near the mountain so I can enjoy the mountain view during hot spring. The price is also quite affordable compared to other hot springs. Overall, i really enjoy the hot spring experience here and would patronize next time :) Here is their website.

Shilin night market
How to go: Take a train to Jiantan station!! Remember it is not shilin station!!
It is one of the largest and popular night markets in Taipei. There are quite a lot delicious food like the famous shilin large chicken cutlet which is popular among the local. There are quite a number of stores selling fashion clothes and taiwan local snacks which u bring back for ur friends. However, I don't really recommend buying clothes here as it can be quite expensive. I would recommend getting from wu fen pu. U can also choose to play those store games with attraction prizes to be won :)
cheese baked potato with a lot ingredients. Personally I dont really like cheesy taste but this is really delicious. The cheese is not overwhelming and it comes with a lot ingredients like corn and harm. It is best to eat hot. Every time I visit shilin night market, I would definitely eat this :)

Grass jelly milk tea. This is the best grass jelly milk tea which I ever tried. The taste is just simply awesome. These 2 stores are just located side by side so it is really convenient. Furthermore, it is located near the attraction of shilin night market. Just need to spot the long q to find the store.
To walk around the whole shilin night market require around 2hours. Most of the food stores are also located to basement so it is easy to find. *Remember not to get cut fruit here which can really cost u a bomb ...