Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taiwan backpack trip Day 2

Breakfast @7-11 before I set off :) They have seats for u to have ur breakfast and they have a wide range of yummy food. 

It is famous mountain village located in New taipei city. Most of Residents are from aboriginal people (Atayal Tribe). There are high mountains along the intersection of Nanshi River and Tonghou River. Beautiful scenery is formed by the high mountains and running rivers. The place is famous for hot springs, trail train and waterfalls.
How to go there: Take train to Xindian station. Alight and take bus 849 to wulai. It is at the last stop.

Nei-dong National forest Recreation Area
First stop is nei-dong national forest recreation area which was established in 1984. It located at the far end of wulai so I took a cab to the end and start walking all the way back. There are many waterfalls and nice scenery with birds and butterfly in the park.

Some of the photos taken inside the park. The scenery is quite nice and good for hiking. After hiking here, it really helps me to clear up my mind. However, it is quite slippery near the waterfall area so be careful.

Cable car

There is cable car where u can see the overall view at wulai. However, it was pretty cloudy that day so the person told me not worthy to go up :(

Wulai Old street

It is a street that sell traditional food and there are quite a lot hot springs located here.

Some of the must try food here: Wild boar sausage meat and hot spring egg. Both are quite nice and unique which is hard to find in taipei. There is also bamboo rice which is a must try. However, I am too full to try other after trying wild boar sausage meat and hot spring egg.

Wulai Atayal museum

The museum is free of charge. U can learn more about the atayal history in this museum. It showcases how they farm, fish and culture which is really quite interesting and worth visiting. The recommended timing for wulai is around 4 hours. If u intend to go for hot spring, it would be slightly longer. After the museum, I went back to the same place to take bus back to xindian station.

Wu fen pu + Raohe night market
How to go there: Alight at houshanpi station. Just come out from the station and cross the street. U would found urself at wufenpu.

Wufenpu: It is a Garment Wholesale Area where u can get all kind of clothing and accessories at cheap price. It is really a shopping heaven for the girls. As for guys, there are some shops but it is quite limited as compared to the girls. If u buy more, remember to bargain.
To shop the whole area can easily take up 5 to 6 hours so plan your time well. Remember to take note of the days to visit as some of the days are allocated for the wholesale so the shopkeepers wont entertain u much.

Raohe night market: It is 10 minutes walk away from wufenpu.

Must try food:
-black pepper bun which is located at the entrance
The night market is whole long stretch and very crowded so it is better to buy all the food and gather at one point to eat. There are also shops selling clothes, gift and accessories. Recommended time for this night market around 2hours. With these 3 locations, it is sufficient to make 1 day trip.