Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paradise Dynasty 2 review

Location: 1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point, #05-16/17/18
Operating hours: Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm (Mon – Fri) Last order 9.30pm | 10.30am – 10.00pm (Sat, Sun & PH) Last

It was my second time visit to paradise dynasty but at different outlet. When it first started in Ion, I went with my University friends to try the colorful xiao long bao. Now, I am back again to celebrate my xiao yi birthday :) It is quite easy to located the restaurant at causeway point

The interior of the restaurant is quite well design with chinese element yet modern. The seats are quite comfortable and the restaurant is quite spacious. As we reached around 8:30pm on sunday night, the restaurant is only half filled. The staff serves us hot pu er cha while we take our time to order the dishes. They are also quite attentive, keep on filling the tea without any reminder :)
Traditional Xiao Long Bao: It is really quite delicious and juicy. The skin is just nice to hold the soup inside. The essence of the xiao long bao is always the soup inside. Better eat while it is hot :)
Crab Meat Xiao Long Bao: I was kind of disappointed by the taste. I remembered last time when I tried colorful Xiao Long Bao at Ion, it was one of the better one. Hence, I decided to try but the taste is just bland. Really disappointing :(

Slice pork ramen: First look doesn't look appealing at all. However, I really love the soup taste which is not too bland or salty. I believe it is cooked with the bone for quite a long time to give the taste. Furthermore, the meat is sliced thin and well cooked to give a chewy taste. The egg is also quite soft not overcooked.

Yang Zhou fried rice: The portion is sufficient for 2 people. The taste is quite bland though there is quite a lot ingredients like prawn and meat to go with it. I have tried better yang zhou fried rice so find the standard average.

Shang hai fried rice: The portion is sufficient for 2 people. It was my first time trying Shang Hai fried rice and the taste is just awesome even with the same ingredients as Yang Zhou fried rice. I can really smell the aroma of the Shang Hai fried rice when I am eating it. Strongly recommend!!!

Hong You Zhua Shou: The name sounds very weird but it is actually dumpling. The skin is also just nice to hold the filling inside. The sauce is a bit spicy but nice to go with the dumpling. However, it can better if the dumplings are cooked slightly longer with the sauce as I can't taste any sauce inside the dumpling.
Huang Chao fried 8 pieces: There is 8 pieces of fried chicken and come with a salad sauce. It is really crispy way better than chicken up I went recently. Furthermore, there is not much fat under the skin. It really goes well with salad sauce. Strongly recommend!!

Stir cabbage: Personally, I don't really like this type of vegetable cause of the stem always bigger than leaves ... When my mum cooks it, I will pretend eat a few pieces *shutup* However, this one taste really good. The first thing I feel like eating more but it is finish too fast :(

The service is really good. They really pay attention to the customers need and refill the tea. They also give good recommendation and not that pushy. When serving food, they also remind the customers that it is hot. I really love their service. Overall, we spent around ~$110 for 5 people which I feel it is really worthy. I would definitely visit again in the future :)

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