Friday, November 1, 2013

Chicken up or chicken down?

Chicken Up

Location: 48 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 088469. It is just beside 2 day 1 night korean bbq so quite easy to find.
Operating hours: Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:00 | Mon - Sun: 17:30 - 02:00
It was recommended by my friend. He said the korean chicken here is very nice so we decided to give it a try. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor seating is much better as the weather is quite hot and people are smoking outside ...

menu of the restaurant
The price of the food seem pretty expensive and the portion is not that big either. It cost around $20 to $30 just for 8 pieces of chickens ... so we decide to go for buffet style which cost $30 (on weekend) excluding service charge. For weekday, the buffet is $25. It includes all the truffle fries, salad and chicken dishes except for suicide spicy chicken and leek chicken. You can order by number of pieces instead of the half or whole when you are eating ala carte. There are top 5 dishes which the waitress recommended: Spicy up, mild up, yangnyum, soya and andong chicken stew.
truffle fries which is serve fresh and hot. It is quite yummy. However, the portion is really small for $8... As we are eating buffet, we keep on ordering the truffle fries.
andong chicken stew. There are chicken meat, carrot and noodle inside the stew. Personally, I like the carrot and noodle which is quite well cooked. However, the chicken meat was kind of disappointing as it did not absorb the essence of the stew. I tried before at Korea which is way better.
Spicy up. It was really disappointing... I was expecting a bit of spiciness but I can't sense any difference between the spicy up and mild up. Other that, the meat also taste better than and less oily than KFC but still way below the standard which I tired at Korea.
Soya Chicken wing. It was crispy chicken wing coated with Korean soya sauce. It was delicious but I can't really feel the crispiness of the chicken. Overall, I think it is a must try dish in this restaurant.
yangnyum Chicken. Crispy and Juicy chicken wing with a bit spicy taste coated with sweet and spicy sauce. I think we are really mislead by the spicy word here ... I just can't feel any spiciness from the chicken at all. However, the sauce was quite nice and sweet. It really goes well with the chicken. It was my first time trying as I didn't try this in Korea. It is another must try dish in this restaurant.

I also tried the curry up and popcorn chicken. Curry up is just mild up chicken but it comes with curry sauce. The curry sauce looks like Japanese curry but it does not taste sweet. I feel it is quite normal. As for popcorn chicken, you can choose to go with either yangnyum or soya sauce. There is nothing special about it. It is just boneless yangnyum chicken and soya chicken.

The service of the restaurant was quite poor ... They served wrong foods to wrong table quite a number of times. Furthermore, the waiting time between each dishes was quite long. We had to request a number of times before they bring us 1 fork ...

I see quite a lot good reviews about this restaurant but i am really quite disappointed at the most of food and service. I was hoping to get korean feel but the food just doesn't taste similar to korean style. Even my friend who been to korea also agreed. Overall, I don't really recommend coming here as you can get better standard and service at other places.