Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spooktacular 2013

Location: It is located at sentosa. First, you have to take Sentosa Express from Vivocity to Sentosa island. Alight at the last stop (beach station). Next you have to exchange your tickets before going to take the ride to Spooktacular.
Operating hours: Left Oct 20, 25, 31 and Nov 1 & 2 7pm to 11pm

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Yesterday it was my first time going to such event. In the past, I always tried to ask my friends to go but they are always afraid of it ... We bought our tickets online during the 'Buy 5 Get 1 Free' promotion which work out to $47 per person. Currently, the promotion has ended and the ticket is $66 per person.

There is fast pass which costs $26.60 on top of the standard ticket price. We did not buy as we thought it is a waste of money. However, we regretted when we reached the destination... The queue can be quite long which required around 90 minutes.. With fast pass, you would be able to complete all the 5 trails. I strongly recommended getting fast pass if you really want to cut down the waiting time and have fun.

We reached the vivocity, it was already 7:15pm. There is already a huge crowd at the Sentosa Express vivocity station. The queue is super long. I decided to go use sentosa island pass with another friend to collect tickets first while the rest without pass wait for normal queue. When we arrived at beach station, there is also a long queue to collect the tickets... It seem like there queue almost everywhere. When we collected our tickets at 7:45pm, our friends just arrived. We have to use the tickets to prove that board the tram. It was quite well decorated :)

When we arrived at entrance, there is also long queue again. I recommend to arrive at vivocity around 6pm to take the Sentosa express so you can cut down a lot on the waiting time. It took us another 30 minutes before we enter spooktacular. We are greeted by huge screens and surrounded by all kind of decorations. While waiting for the film to begin, the atmospheric began to build up. We watched some short clips about the whole event before we entered. I shall not mention too much things here to spoil the fun:p

Some of the horror decorations inside the spooktacular which is really nice and awesome. They used a lot decorations, smoke, lighting and "ghosts" to create the effects. This year theme is based on Thailand horror movies: Dorm, Body, Pee Mak, Shutter and Coming soon. There are total of 5 trails walk. You are not allowed to take photos inside the trails but you would be allowed to take photos when walking from different places. You would encounter all kind of ghosts which u can take nice photo with them :p They would go around the crowd and cut q to scare the people. It is really quite fun looking at other who are being scared :)

Save me
We went to Body followed by Pee mak. As time is running out, the staff started to allow more people inside the trail walk. Somehow, it was not scary with the large crowd :( That is the reason why I recommend getting the express ticket to enjoy the trail. Overall, I managed to complete the 4 trail walks: Body, Shutter, Pee Mak and Coming soon. We miss out the Dorm as they are closing :( The ghosts inside are quite real and you have to do mission in ordered to get out of the trail. Be prepare :p

Out of the 4 trail walks i went, ranking from nothing to horor: Pee Mak -> Body -> Shutter -> Coming soon. The flow of the walk is Dorm -> Body -> Shutter -> Coming soon -> Pee mak. I recommend going to coming soon last if you really have a weak heart. Overall, I really enjoyed the time spent inside. I would definitely come back again but with express pass next time.

Have fun inside :)