Thursday, October 3, 2013

SPCA one year volunteer :)

During my poly life, I had visited SPCA once as I am keen to join as volunteer. But in the end, it didn't happen. Next week would be my 1st anniversary in SPCA :) Before I joined, I was really hesitated cause I had to join alone without friends. However, I decided to go ahead as I really love dogs a lot. They are the cutest things on Earth if not the whole universe :) I wish to have my own dog in the future. I am so crazy that I set requirement for my future partner must love dogs or at least not afraid of them :p
These 2 cute puppies are the one I saw when I went for first dog walking session. They are really cute. Hope they are adopted by good owners who can really take care of them.

This cute little fellow always has a great smile and always dancing when we approached his cage. Hope u can keep dancing all the way :)

Emo Zam waiting for people to play with it. This poor few months old little puppy was abandoned as he has different color in both his eyes. The owner is just so cruel ...

First time bring this couple out for a while. They look so sweet. I can still remember the female dog name is girl but i forget the male dog name *shutup*

First time bringing this dog call tasha out for a walk. It was so afraid of me that it broke the leash and escaped. I had to chased after it for a long distance ... Luckily it went back to SPCA. Really gave me a bad experience ...

After dog walking session, they would have their meal time :) But they ignored me no matter how I called to them *sad*

This 2 little cute fellow like to turn their head together. They really looked like army trained *.*

Give me a five.

I love to roll on grass

Is that treat? I want it :p

Noel and Hoel the cute and playful sibling :)

One of my favorite dog in SPCA. His name is called Bravo. He is really obedient. haha but don't stand behind him when he is doing business. If not u might be cover with soil :p

Another favorite dog. Her name is Mona. She is really playful and clever. Whenever she goes to the field, she would like turn super active. She really like to play catching a lot. She even know how to catch treat in the air. Click here to see.

After 1 year, I am glad that I did not regret my choice. Although I did not come even single week due to oversea trip, I really enjoying going to see the cute dogs and puppies bringing them out for walk. I am really thankful the dog walker leader: Ellen. She has volunteered there for more than 10 years and really patient with us. I have really learnt a lot from her such as how to walk a dog, train puppy to go for dog walking etc. It can be quite tiring as dog walking session start at 8am and I had to wake up at 6:30am. However, it really brighten up my day when I saw these cute faces. It just make my day more meaningful and happy. Hopefully these cute dogs are adopted by responsible and caring owner :)

I have also bought friends to SPCA to have a feel as some of them are unable to join as volunteer due to their work and study commitment. I hope this would motivate them to volunteer in some other area. I know that I might not be able to volunteer in SPCA when I start work due to the crashes in timing, I will try to find other organisation which I can still help out in. If you guys are interested in volunteerism, go for it :)

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