Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amazing day with awesome friends

Yesterday meet up with Mia, OYHZ and her bf, Melvin. The plan was to watch movie and celebrate OYHZ and Mia birthday. I went to Taka to get laduree macaron which all of us didn't try before even though we are macaron lover. When we met up at first, it was really awkward as we are kind of shy.

It is the sequel to the 2009 film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which I didn't watch. At first, I was kind of lost until Mia explained. It continued right after the part where the machine went out of control and Flint Lockwood main character of the movie managed to stop the machine in the first part. Flint and his friends are being forced to leave their island and went on to work in a new place. During that period, the food machine continued to produce a lot cute food monsters... I shall not reveal too much.

Overall, the movie is really nice. I give 3.5 out 5. If I watch the part one, I might give a higher rating. The story line is quite interesting. I really love about the cute food monsters in the movie. The 3 cucumbers remind me of the minions from despicable me and the strawberry reminds me of the crazy squirrel from madagascar. After the movie, Melvin drove us to the place called The garden slug to have dinner.

The garden slug.

Location: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500

I didn't heard about this place before. Maybe cause I stay in the north. We went to the petsrepublic which is located opposite of "Garden Slug" to see the cute animals inside. There are rabbits, dogs, cats and hamsters inside. The shop owner is also quite nice allowing us to have fun inside.

Meet Einstein the grump cat. At first, it refused to play with me so I went to play with the rabbits and dog inside the pet shop. Somehow it starts attracting to me and follows whenever I go.

Photo of it sitting on my lap. He is really furry. He really furrified my whole jean ... I guess going to have a hard time to wash all the furs off.

After having fun with the animals, we went to the garden slug to have our dinner. It was a pretty cosy place to have dinner.

Salmon confit which costs $18.50! It was recommended by Mia. It was quite delicious and the portion was just nice. The salmon was really quite fresh and just nice. Some restaurants overcook the salmon and destroy the taste. This one was really well cooked. I also tried OYHZ seafood pasta in cream sauce with truffle oil. The sauce was really yummmy too.

The staff were also quite nice. They helped me with the birthday surprise :) I secretly passed them the laduree macarons when we arrived at the restaurant and asked them to help me prepare. They come out with their own idea and design.

Look at the amazing decoration. They are really creative :) I am really thankful for their effort. I would definitely recommend to my friends to hold birthday surprise here. The macarons from laduree were really nice. The flavors were: Raspberry, Rose Petal, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Ghana Chocolate and Lemon. My favorite is the Ghana chocolate as I am chocolate lover :p

Mia Whoopie Pies

Sorry for lousy photo skill :( I didn't try whoopie pies before but this really looks like giant macaron. I had it for this morning breakfast. The taste is really awesome and I really love it. Thanks :) *hinting Mia to make more when we go WTF next time :p We should all bake something.

*Thanks OYHZ for some of the photos. Hope both like the surprise :)