Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw tower)

Location: It is located at Shaw tower #01-39/40, 100 Beach Road

Operating hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm - 8pm, Sat & Sun: 1pm - 7pm.
I heard quite a lot about this restaurant but did not have chance to try. When we arrived at the restaurant around 6pm, it is full house and there is a long queue. Luckily, one of the friends arrived early to chop the seats. We had to write on a piece of paper and pass to the cashier. They only accepted cash payment. When ordering, we realised most of the popular foods were already sold out ...

The waiting time for the food was around 30 minutes as the restaurant was full house. While waiting, we also realised that the staff had to deny some customers as there was no more food left even though it was only 6:30pm. It is really important to come early as food sold out fast.

First dish: Green curry
It was the second time i tried green curry. My first time was at Porn's restaurant. Ah Loy Thai green curry was served hot and the chicken meats & potatoes were well cooked *Thumb up* The taste was mild spicy which is suitable for everyone. However, the green curry was a bit watery and the portion was quite small. Personally, I prefer Ah Loy Thai green curry compared to Porn's restaurant. Suitable for 2 to 3 person.

Second dish:Fried keotow
Personally, I didn't really like the taste. It was kind of tasteless except for the lime and peanut. Fried keotow was kind of dry also. If only there is spicy sauce to go with, it would be much better. The portion was quite small. Suitable for 2 person.

Third dish Fried butter calamari
It smelled really good when the staff brought it over to our table. It looked really appetizing. However, the portion was really small. There wa only like 11 to 12 pieces where we finished it instantly. Although the calamari was not as crispy as I expected, the texture was just nice. Some places serve those rubbery calamari which I don't really like. The sauce also goes well with fried butter calamari. My friend mentioned that last time they tried fried calamari but it was not nice compared to fried butter calamari. Suitable for 2 person

Forth dish: Mango chicken
It was the best dish I ate. The chicken was quite crispy on the outside and tender inside. I really enjoy chewing on it. Although the mango look a bit green, it did not has the sour taste at all. It was really freshly cut and taste a bit sweet. The mango sauce was also delicious. I also used it to go with the rice. Overall, it is a must try dish. Suitable for 2 to 3 person.

Last dish: Tom Yam soup
Personally, I don't really like Tom Yam Soup from some restaurants due to overwhelming sour taste. However, I gave this soup a try. It was a bit spicy for me but the sour taste I find it fine. It comes with a number of seafoods like clam, prawn and sotong but the portion is quite small. Suitable for 2 to 3 person

Overall: Although the food is nice, the portion is really small. As most of the foods had being sold out, we had to go some other place for second round. Furthermore, the waiting time for the food was really quite long and the staff had quite poor attitude ... Once we finished our dinner, the staff immediately tried to chase us off. It is really disappointing. I won't really recommend coming here for thai food as we can get more better service and quality at other places. If you are coming here for dinning, I recommend you come in the afternoon so you can get to try a wider variety.