Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amazing day with awesome friends

Yesterday meet up with Mia, OYHZ and her bf, Melvin. The plan was to watch movie and celebrate OYHZ and Mia birthday. I went to Taka to get laduree macaron which all of us didn't try before even though we are macaron lover. When we met up at first, it was really awkward as we are kind of shy.

It is the sequel to the 2009 film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which I didn't watch. At first, I was kind of lost until Mia explained. It continued right after the part where the machine went out of control and Flint Lockwood main character of the movie managed to stop the machine in the first part. Flint and his friends are being forced to leave their island and went on to work in a new place. During that period, the food machine continued to produce a lot cute food monsters... I shall not reveal too much.

Overall, the movie is really nice. I give 3.5 out 5. If I watch the part one, I might give a higher rating. The story line is quite interesting. I really love about the cute food monsters in the movie. The 3 cucumbers remind me of the minions from despicable me and the strawberry reminds me of the crazy squirrel from madagascar. After the movie, Melvin drove us to the place called The garden slug to have dinner.

The garden slug.

Location: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500

I didn't heard about this place before. Maybe cause I stay in the north. We went to the petsrepublic which is located opposite of "Garden Slug" to see the cute animals inside. There are rabbits, dogs, cats and hamsters inside. The shop owner is also quite nice allowing us to have fun inside.

Meet Einstein the grump cat. At first, it refused to play with me so I went to play with the rabbits and dog inside the pet shop. Somehow it starts attracting to me and follows whenever I go.

Photo of it sitting on my lap. He is really furry. He really furrified my whole jean ... I guess going to have a hard time to wash all the furs off.

After having fun with the animals, we went to the garden slug to have our dinner. It was a pretty cosy place to have dinner.

Salmon confit which costs $18.50! It was recommended by Mia. It was quite delicious and the portion was just nice. The salmon was really quite fresh and just nice. Some restaurants overcook the salmon and destroy the taste. This one was really well cooked. I also tried OYHZ seafood pasta in cream sauce with truffle oil. The sauce was really yummmy too.

The staff were also quite nice. They helped me with the birthday surprise :) I secretly passed them the laduree macarons when we arrived at the restaurant and asked them to help me prepare. They come out with their own idea and design.

Look at the amazing decoration. They are really creative :) I am really thankful for their effort. I would definitely recommend to my friends to hold birthday surprise here. The macarons from laduree were really nice. The flavors were: Raspberry, Rose Petal, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Ghana Chocolate and Lemon. My favorite is the Ghana chocolate as I am chocolate lover :p

Mia Whoopie Pies

Sorry for lousy photo skill :( I didn't try whoopie pies before but this really looks like giant macaron. I had it for this morning breakfast. The taste is really awesome and I really love it. Thanks :) *hinting Mia to make more when we go WTF next time :p We should all bake something.

*Thanks OYHZ for some of the photos. Hope both like the surprise :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spooktacular 2013

Location: It is located at sentosa. First, you have to take Sentosa Express from Vivocity to Sentosa island. Alight at the last stop (beach station). Next you have to exchange your tickets before going to take the ride to Spooktacular.
Operating hours: Left Oct 20, 25, 31 and Nov 1 & 2 7pm to 11pm

Click here to go to official website

Yesterday it was my first time going to such event. In the past, I always tried to ask my friends to go but they are always afraid of it ... We bought our tickets online during the 'Buy 5 Get 1 Free' promotion which work out to $47 per person. Currently, the promotion has ended and the ticket is $66 per person.

There is fast pass which costs $26.60 on top of the standard ticket price. We did not buy as we thought it is a waste of money. However, we regretted when we reached the destination... The queue can be quite long which required around 90 minutes.. With fast pass, you would be able to complete all the 5 trails. I strongly recommended getting fast pass if you really want to cut down the waiting time and have fun.

We reached the vivocity, it was already 7:15pm. There is already a huge crowd at the Sentosa Express vivocity station. The queue is super long. I decided to go use sentosa island pass with another friend to collect tickets first while the rest without pass wait for normal queue. When we arrived at beach station, there is also a long queue to collect the tickets... It seem like there queue almost everywhere. When we collected our tickets at 7:45pm, our friends just arrived. We have to use the tickets to prove that board the tram. It was quite well decorated :)

When we arrived at entrance, there is also long queue again. I recommend to arrive at vivocity around 6pm to take the Sentosa express so you can cut down a lot on the waiting time. It took us another 30 minutes before we enter spooktacular. We are greeted by huge screens and surrounded by all kind of decorations. While waiting for the film to begin, the atmospheric began to build up. We watched some short clips about the whole event before we entered. I shall not mention too much things here to spoil the fun:p

Some of the horror decorations inside the spooktacular which is really nice and awesome. They used a lot decorations, smoke, lighting and "ghosts" to create the effects. This year theme is based on Thailand horror movies: Dorm, Body, Pee Mak, Shutter and Coming soon. There are total of 5 trails walk. You are not allowed to take photos inside the trails but you would be allowed to take photos when walking from different places. You would encounter all kind of ghosts which u can take nice photo with them :p They would go around the crowd and cut q to scare the people. It is really quite fun looking at other who are being scared :)

Save me
We went to Body followed by Pee mak. As time is running out, the staff started to allow more people inside the trail walk. Somehow, it was not scary with the large crowd :( That is the reason why I recommend getting the express ticket to enjoy the trail. Overall, I managed to complete the 4 trail walks: Body, Shutter, Pee Mak and Coming soon. We miss out the Dorm as they are closing :( The ghosts inside are quite real and you have to do mission in ordered to get out of the trail. Be prepare :p

Out of the 4 trail walks i went, ranking from nothing to horor: Pee Mak -> Body -> Shutter -> Coming soon. The flow of the walk is Dorm -> Body -> Shutter -> Coming soon -> Pee mak. I recommend going to coming soon last if you really have a weak heart. Overall, I really enjoyed the time spent inside. I would definitely come back again but with express pass next time.

Have fun inside :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sushi Tei

Location: It is located at third floor of Jem.
Operating hours: Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily(last order 9.30pm)
I have friend who used to work in Sushi Tei. It is my first time eating at Sushi Tei though it has been in Singapore for a long time. The queue was quite long when my friends arrived at 6:10pm. We only got our table after 50 minutes of waiting.

When we entered the Sushi Tei, it looks really grand. Our seatings are deep inside the restaurant cut away from noisy crowd. It is really peaceful and comfortable inside which is good place to meet up with friends. Right after we are seated, the waitress straight away came to serve us and ask whether we need any drinks. As I used to work in F&B, I feel their service is really good. Customers usually take some time to order food so it is always good to have our drinks ordered first. Even when they are serving the hot teas, they also remind us to be careful. Really thoughtful of them too. They also mentioned the food name and constantly reminding us about the "hot" food served. I really like their service.
Mini Dragon Roll which my friend ordered. It is actually sushi with unique design Somehow the colors don't really match well and it does not look appealing to me. Although I did not try it, my friend mentioned that it is quite delicious. Sushi Tei is always famous for sushi. I shall try sushi next time.

Ebi & Yasai Tem! I feel the staff are really quite thoughtful as they cut into 4 pieces just nice for each of us. It look like prawn pancake which can be found in pasar malam but the portion is actually quite small. It is also crispy and low oily as compared to prawn pancake i ate before. I really enjoy the taste of it. However, it is kind of expensive for small portion.

Softshell crab! As usually, they also cut into 4 pieces just nice for each of us. The portion is really quite generous. It is really well cooked and crispy. I also don't feel the oily taste in mouth as I chew on it. It is really a must try dish :) I recommend ordering it as appetizer to eat while waiting for the main course.
Chasyu Ramen! I ordered the spicy miso soup but the soup does not taste spicy at all ... However, the soup is not salty. If not, I will have to keep on drinking water. They are also quite generous with the chashu. It is really quite thick and they gave total of 4 pieces. The bamboo shoot was also quite well cooked, not too raw. Some places serve "raw" bamboo shoot which I don't like. The noodle really tastes like ramen which is used in instant noodle but it was quite well cooked with nice chewy texture. Overall, I feel it can be further improved on soup...

Overall, I feel happy with the food quality and service. Their service really make me feel at home. Their staff are really thoughtful and constantly looking out for customers need. They would automatically fill up the hot tea for the customers. The place is really comfortable and peaceful from the crowd in Jem. The waiting time for the food is also quite fast. I would strongly recommend as a place to catch up with friends.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw tower)

Location: It is located at Shaw tower #01-39/40, 100 Beach Road

Operating hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm - 8pm, Sat & Sun: 1pm - 7pm.
I heard quite a lot about this restaurant but did not have chance to try. When we arrived at the restaurant around 6pm, it is full house and there is a long queue. Luckily, one of the friends arrived early to chop the seats. We had to write on a piece of paper and pass to the cashier. They only accepted cash payment. When ordering, we realised most of the popular foods were already sold out ...

The waiting time for the food was around 30 minutes as the restaurant was full house. While waiting, we also realised that the staff had to deny some customers as there was no more food left even though it was only 6:30pm. It is really important to come early as food sold out fast.

First dish: Green curry
It was the second time i tried green curry. My first time was at Porn's restaurant. Ah Loy Thai green curry was served hot and the chicken meats & potatoes were well cooked *Thumb up* The taste was mild spicy which is suitable for everyone. However, the green curry was a bit watery and the portion was quite small. Personally, I prefer Ah Loy Thai green curry compared to Porn's restaurant. Suitable for 2 to 3 person.

Second dish:Fried keotow
Personally, I didn't really like the taste. It was kind of tasteless except for the lime and peanut. Fried keotow was kind of dry also. If only there is spicy sauce to go with, it would be much better. The portion was quite small. Suitable for 2 person.

Third dish Fried butter calamari
It smelled really good when the staff brought it over to our table. It looked really appetizing. However, the portion was really small. There wa only like 11 to 12 pieces where we finished it instantly. Although the calamari was not as crispy as I expected, the texture was just nice. Some places serve those rubbery calamari which I don't really like. The sauce also goes well with fried butter calamari. My friend mentioned that last time they tried fried calamari but it was not nice compared to fried butter calamari. Suitable for 2 person

Forth dish: Mango chicken
It was the best dish I ate. The chicken was quite crispy on the outside and tender inside. I really enjoy chewing on it. Although the mango look a bit green, it did not has the sour taste at all. It was really freshly cut and taste a bit sweet. The mango sauce was also delicious. I also used it to go with the rice. Overall, it is a must try dish. Suitable for 2 to 3 person.

Last dish: Tom Yam soup
Personally, I don't really like Tom Yam Soup from some restaurants due to overwhelming sour taste. However, I gave this soup a try. It was a bit spicy for me but the sour taste I find it fine. It comes with a number of seafoods like clam, prawn and sotong but the portion is quite small. Suitable for 2 to 3 person

Overall: Although the food is nice, the portion is really small. As most of the foods had being sold out, we had to go some other place for second round. Furthermore, the waiting time for the food was really quite long and the staff had quite poor attitude ... Once we finished our dinner, the staff immediately tried to chase us off. It is really disappointing. I won't really recommend coming here for thai food as we can get more better service and quality at other places. If you are coming here for dinning, I recommend you come in the afternoon so you can get to try a wider variety.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

SPCA one year volunteer :)

During my poly life, I had visited SPCA once as I am keen to join as volunteer. But in the end, it didn't happen. Next week would be my 1st anniversary in SPCA :) Before I joined, I was really hesitated cause I had to join alone without friends. However, I decided to go ahead as I really love dogs a lot. They are the cutest things on Earth if not the whole universe :) I wish to have my own dog in the future. I am so crazy that I set requirement for my future partner must love dogs or at least not afraid of them :p
These 2 cute puppies are the one I saw when I went for first dog walking session. They are really cute. Hope they are adopted by good owners who can really take care of them.

This cute little fellow always has a great smile and always dancing when we approached his cage. Hope u can keep dancing all the way :)

Emo Zam waiting for people to play with it. This poor few months old little puppy was abandoned as he has different color in both his eyes. The owner is just so cruel ...

First time bring this couple out for a while. They look so sweet. I can still remember the female dog name is girl but i forget the male dog name *shutup*

First time bringing this dog call tasha out for a walk. It was so afraid of me that it broke the leash and escaped. I had to chased after it for a long distance ... Luckily it went back to SPCA. Really gave me a bad experience ...

After dog walking session, they would have their meal time :) But they ignored me no matter how I called to them *sad*

This 2 little cute fellow like to turn their head together. They really looked like army trained *.*

Give me a five.

I love to roll on grass

Is that treat? I want it :p

Noel and Hoel the cute and playful sibling :)

One of my favorite dog in SPCA. His name is called Bravo. He is really obedient. haha but don't stand behind him when he is doing business. If not u might be cover with soil :p

Another favorite dog. Her name is Mona. She is really playful and clever. Whenever she goes to the field, she would like turn super active. She really like to play catching a lot. She even know how to catch treat in the air. Click here to see.

After 1 year, I am glad that I did not regret my choice. Although I did not come even single week due to oversea trip, I really enjoying going to see the cute dogs and puppies bringing them out for walk. I am really thankful the dog walker leader: Ellen. She has volunteered there for more than 10 years and really patient with us. I have really learnt a lot from her such as how to walk a dog, train puppy to go for dog walking etc. It can be quite tiring as dog walking session start at 8am and I had to wake up at 6:30am. However, it really brighten up my day when I saw these cute faces. It just make my day more meaningful and happy. Hopefully these cute dogs are adopted by responsible and caring owner :)

I have also bought friends to SPCA to have a feel as some of them are unable to join as volunteer due to their work and study commitment. I hope this would motivate them to volunteer in some other area. I know that I might not be able to volunteer in SPCA when I start work due to the crashes in timing, I will try to find other organisation which I can still help out in. If you guys are interested in volunteerism, go for it :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maccha house review

Location: B1 of orchard central
This restaurant was actually recommended by my friend who claimed to have very good online so we decided to give a try. In the end, she didn't turn up ... When I was the first to arrived at the restaurant, it was totally empty except for 3 tables. The whole restaurant is very quiet and peaceful to have such place to dine. However, location of the restaurant was pretty bad as most people won't passby basement 1. The waitress of the restaurant was too busy chatting with the kitchen staff to take note of me so I took a seat and personally asked for the menu.
Tonkatsu Ramen. When the dish came, I was totally turned off by the appearance. It look so different from what we seen in the menu. I even wondered did they serve the right ramen... The soup basically tasted same as instant noodle MSG powder. Furthermore, the ramen noodle used is pretty low grade similar to instant noodle and texture is not smooth at all. The meat was also not well cooked and didn't has the chewy feel. The egg was also overcooked unlike the egg at ippudo which has a very nice texture. Overall, the whole ramen just tasted terrible. I can easily get a better ramen for the same price at any restaurant.

Spicy Pork Rice with Soft-Boiled Egg. The essence of this dish should be spicy pork but somehow I find it not appealing. The spicy pork has the same standard where u can get easily from coffee shop. It was not spicy and well cooked at all. The soft boiled egg was really nice. It had a nice texture like the bean curd however it was served cold. The rice was pretty dry. Only good point of this dish: the soup tastes better than ramen soup based... This price just doesn't justified for the standard.

Curry chicken with spinach & egg rice bowl. The appearance of the dish was turned off also. They just dumped all the ingredients onto the rice without placing it nicely. The taste of curry sauce is just nice, not too watery with a mild spiciness. However, the chicken did not has any trace of curry. I believed was not cooked with the curry sauce as it just tasted like chicken being cooked by boiling water and dumped in the sauce. I won't recommend as u can get similar standard from coffee shop and hawker centre easily.

Carbonara Udon with half boiled egg which is the best out of the 4 dishes, even my friends agreed with it. I decided to give it a try as I can easily try other dishes at other Japanese restaurant. Luckily, it turned out good :) The sauce was a bit creamy with a slightly salty taste. Udon was able to absorb some of sauce which made it nice since udon doesn't has their own taste at all. The essence was the bacon. They are quite generous with bacon meats. It was a bit crispy and salty. I really love the taste of the bacon. However, I was quite disappointed with the cold half boiled egg. Although the texture of the egg was nice, I feel like eating ice as it was just too cold. Overall, the dish is still worth trying.
Maccha soy milk pudding parfait. When the ice cream was served, it looked like it was already melting. The taste of ice cream was quite horrible. I guess they used too much green tea powder in making the ice cream and it tasted really dry. Although the cut fruits are fresh, I was just totally turned off by the ice cream. After eating halfway, I decide to stop and my friends continued to finish it.

Overall, the service was quite poor as the waitress didn't even know the dishes that she was serving to us ... Furthermore, they were always busy chatting with the kitchen staff and did not bother to top up ice water at all. Luckily, there is no service charge included. I don't recommend coming here for main courses or desserts.