Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dog cafe at Hongdae

Bau House
How to go there: Alight at Hapjeong station and go out from exit 3.

When u come out from the exit, make a u turn and turn left at this alley. Walk for 15metre and u would find the dog cafe located on the right side. This is recommended by my friend Yeonsue :)
Dog menu in the cafe. The whole cafe is divided into 2 sections: one side for big dogs and one side for small dogs. U can choose which side to sit down. It is always polite to have as least something to drink at cafe.

photos of the cute dogs in the cafe

The whole cafe area is quite big and clean. We can also buy treats for the dogs to eat similar to the gangnam. The dogs here are also trained so u can ask them to sit down. However, the dogs only come when we have food ... So it is better to buy some treats which cost 2000won for a small pack. Overall it is quite a nice experience to relax here and play with the dogs. I definitely come back for dog cafes when I go korea again.

Personally I have went to 3 different dog cafes in Seoul: 1 at gangnam, 1 at hongdae and 1 at myeongdong. My favorite is the Cafepaws at gangnam, follow by Bau House at hongdae and lastly dog cafe at myeongdong.

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