Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 29: Teddy bear museum + seoul tower

How to get there: Alight at Chungmuro station and exit from no 2. Take either bus 2 or 5 to arrive at seoul tower!!!
Ticket price:
Teddy museum: 8000won
Seoul tower: 9000won
Teddy bear package: 14000won (include teddy museum + seoul tower)
The beautiful love lock trees located outside the seoul tower with clear sky!! Really love this photo a lot!!

Teddy bear museum (closed)
The whole teddy bear museum is separated in 2 exhibition halls!!

Exhibition hall I- The Past: Tracking the history from Hanyangof the Joseon Dynasty to modern-day Seoul of korea

Exhibition hall II- The Present: Introducing interesting facets of modern Seoul from Apgujeong to Samcheong

The bears are all very cute and adorable. The exhibition also has very detailed signboard to explain every section of the museum. Furthermore, these bears are movable which make the exhibition very interesting. It is definitely worth going to take a look. There are also 5 other teddy bear museums in the world covering different theme.

Seoul tower

View of sunset

View at night
There is cafe, souvenir shop and toilet on top so u can stay on top without worries. The guy toilet is quite unique as u would be facing the city view while doing business. The view from seoul tower is really quite good. However, it is too crowded making hard to take photos and furthermore strong lighting from the cafe and shop make it harder. The best timing is go up around 6:45pm where u can see the transition from day time to night time. Overall, it is still quite a good place to view the whole city area!!!