Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 27: War memorial

War Memorial

How to go there: Alight at Samgakji and exit from 12. It is 5 minutes from the station.
Operating hour: 9am to 6pm (close on every monday)
Free admission!!!

The grounds of the War Memorial of Korea were once the headquarters of the Korean Infantry. Many experts from different fields were consulted numerous times and exhaustive research was done in order to complete the exhibits. This memorial is the largest of its kind in the world. There are 8 main exhibits at the War Memorial: the Hogukchumo Exhibit, War History Exhibit, June 25th War Exhibit, Overseas Dispatched Troops Exhibits, Military Development Exhibit, Large Equipment Exhibit, and the Outdoor Exhibit.

Large Military Equipment which is located outdoor

Showcases of the different planes from the korean war. There are quite a lot different types of planes used ranging from normal carriage plane to fighter jet plane.

There is a 3D show located at the battleship which run from the first show 9am to last show 5:20pm. It lasts for 7minutes which is quite entertaining.

Korean war

This section shows us what happen during the korean war. It has some interesting facts which is not known.

War History

This section showcases the war history from the past to Japanese colonial period. There also some war documents kept here.

Overall, it is quite interesting place to visit. Furthermore the admission fee is free. The whole place is also quite big so u can spend up to half a day over here. The technology used in the museum is really quite amazing. There are also quite a number of 3D and 4D rides here so remember to look out for the timing and try them. I bet u would love it :)