Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 25: Seoul Grand Park

How to go there: Just alight at Seoul Grand Park station.
There is quite a number of attractions at this station:

-Zoo has an extremely rare Roland Gorilla, and about 360 kinds of animals, and total of 3,200 creatures from all over the world, divided into origin and species
-Seoul land is Korea’s first theme park. There are five theme based areas that make up Seoul Land. Seoul Land has up to 40 rollercoasters such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, as well as Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and many more.
-Rose garden is full of roses and also children zoo.
-National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art displays work by Korean and international modern artists, as well as work by those contemporary artists currently making waves in the art world.

U can travel around Seoul Grand park by this cool ride where some part of the ride is just above the river. There is also other modes of transport like trams and buses.

Rose garden
My original plan is to visit the zoo however I was attracted to the beautiful rose pillar. The ticket is only 2000won which is quite cheap. The garden is really beautiful full of different kind of roses and well maintain. It is really a good place for picnic. However it was raining when I went there so it was quite empty.

Some of the photos inside rose garden.

Some photos of the animals inside the children zoo. As it was raining quite heavily, most of the animals are just hiding under the shelter. It has quite a big variety of animals. Some of them are really cute!!! Overall, the whole journey inside the rose garden is around 1.5 hour.
There is also restaurant located at the entrance of the rose garden which is called rose story.

Sirloin Pork cutlet for lunch which cost 9000 won. The meat portion is really big, crispy and delicious. It also go well with sauce. The miso soup is quite tasty unlike other miso soup which is usually bland or salty. I love the honeydew sauce salad the most. The taste is really unique and nice. U can also take any amount of side dishes from the counter. Overall, the price is slightly higher but I feel very worth it eating such delicious meals!!

National museum of Contemporary Art
The zoo is just located opposite of the rose garden but I decided to give it a miss as I just visited the children zoo. Hence I took 10 minutes walk to national musem of contemporary art.

Here are some of the art pieces inside the museum. The entrance fees is free. There are quite a lot art pieces inside this museum. Some of them are really quite interesting but I could not take photos in some of the exhibition halls. There are also description for the art pieces inside the museum though not all of them are in English. Overall, it is still a good place to walk around and relax ur mind.
Although I did not visit zoo or seoul land, I think it is a good place to spend a whole day here to explore the different part of the Seoul Grand park. However, do take note of the weather forecast so u can fully enjoy over here.