Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 24:Lotte world

How to go there: Exit at Jamsil Station and the lotte world is directly connected to station.
Ticket pricing:
Admission Ticket
Adults: 28,000 won / Youths: 25,000 won / Children: 22,000 won
Nighttime Admission Ticket
Admission after 16:00:
Adults: 26,000 won / Youths: 21,000 won / Children: 18,000 won
Admission after 19:00:
Adults: 16,500 won / Youths: 14,000 won / Children: 12,000 won
* Day-Pass Ticket (admission fees included)
Adults: 44,000 won / Youths: 38,000 won / Children: 34,000 won
* Nighttime Day-Pass Ticket (admission after 16:00)
Adults: 34,000 won / Youths: 30,000 won / Children: 26,000 won
* Children: ages 4-12 / Youths: ages 13-18
U can get full day-pass at a cheaper price if u have any friends studying and living in korea. U can get up to 50% discount!!
There is two part to Lotte wold:Indoor and outdoor. Magical island is the outdoor theme park where most of the exciting rides is located at.
The beautiful castle located at the centre of the magical island!!
There is top 4 rides which I recommend for brave soul in term of ranking for the exciting level.
2:Gyro Drop
3:Gyro Swing
4:Bungee Drop

Personally I not really a brave soul so I only tried bungee drop and atlantis drop. The ranking is based on my friends judgement. It is the first time I take bungee drop which is really quite nice and exciting for me. Atlantis is just a crazy coaster ride *fainting* It is really similar to mummy ride in USS(Singapore) however it is faster and exciting. Just give it a try :) The ghost house is really boring. Unless u have time, if not u can give it a miss.
Indoor theme park: Adventure. There are quite a lot rides here so it might be impossible to complete all. Here are some of the rides which I recommend.

4D Shooting Theater: It is one of the best rides I took in Lotte world. It is a shooting game where u shoot down monster and zombies to save the miner. Just simply fun and exciting. U can also see ur ranking after everything ended!! Haha manage to get into top 10 ranking!!

French Revolution: One of the most crazy roller coaster ride which makes 360 to 540 degree twists and turn. We didnt try it as the q time is 2hours ...

Aeronauts Balloon ride: Fly in hot air balloon and has a good overview of the whole theme park. Really interesting but the q is also too long zzz

Pharaoh's Fury: Another fun and exciting ride

Giant Loop: A speeding loop train that make 360 degree revolutions. It is similar to one of the ride I took in taiwan but it is much slower here. Running man also played this game before!!!

Drunken Basket: Another spinning game similar to teacup which running man tried before.

Here is some of parade photos. Remember to check on the entertainment schedule from the information counter as it might be different on some days due to other performance!! We waited for laser show but it only last a few minutes and the show has technical problem which costs the whole show to be canceled.

Strongly dont recommend going to this Tomb of Horror. It is not included inside the ticket which we paid 3000 won to go. The whole walk only lasted for less than 5 minutes ... Worst of all there is nothing scary inside the whole place. Really waste of my time and money...

Overall, it is really quite a nice and fun place to visit especially for family. There is quite a lot nice and exciting rides. However, dont go on weekend as it is really crowded and some rides waiting time is like hours ... Best is going on weekday. Remember to make some korean friends so they can help u get tickets at cheaper price :)