Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 22: famous ginseng chicken soup

How to go there: Alight Gyeongbokgung station and come out from exit 2. Walk all the way until u see Jahamun-ro 5-gil and turn left. U would find the shop on ur left hand side.
Sign board of the shop
The whole place is really big but still very crowded. It is not easy to get a table ... After looking at the crowd, we really put high hope on the ginseng chicken soup.
Photo of the set menu. I decided to order 15000 won since it is the cheapest.
Other sides dishes which u can order.
Ginseng wine. The taste is really fragrance and nice. The alcohol taste is strong but yet nice. I really love it. I heard from other that must pour into ginseng soup??? Not sure about it.

Here come the main course!!! Actually I was quite disappointed by the taste. The soup is bland and quite tasteless. Maybe we also drank up gineseng wine which is suppose to pour into the soup.

In the end, I have to add quite a lot pepper and salt in order to enhance the taste. The whole soup come with one small whole chicken which is stuffed with rice. The rice seem normal but the ginseng really taste nice.  Maybe I too used to my mum delicious ginseng soup that why I do not used to Korean style ginseng soup. Overall, it is still a nice experience. Still thinking whether to buy 1 bottle of ginseng wine home. It is really nice and cost around 10000won. Remember to arrive early to avoid the crowd at night.

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