Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 21: Gangnam dog cafe Cafe Paws

Cafe Paws

Today is one of my best day in Korea. I went to visit the dog cafe in Gangnam. It is the most awesome dog cafe I went to.
How to go there: Gangnam station exit no 4 and walk straight. After passing the first junction, turn right at the second junction and u would reach the Dogok-ro. Continue walking straight until u reach another junction. Cross the right side of the road and walk a short distance u would see the above photo.
photo inside the dog cafe where u can buy dog treat
Price of the drinks at the cafe. It is always polite to have as least something to drink at cafe.
The dogs and puppies there are super cute. It is also better than myeongdong dog cafe as it is less crowded and more spacious. The dogs there are also toilet trained until the dog cafe at myeongdong. I just simply love this place a lot. Dog owners can also bring their dogs over here to relax. We can also bring treats over here for the dogs to eat. Once I opened the treat bag, all the dogs flooded to me ...
I think it is really a good concept. Maybe I might consider open this type of dog cafe business at Singapore in the future. Time to spam cute dog photos!!

Now i shall spam my favorite dog photo.

He is just too cute and adorable. I really wish I can bring him home. He keep sitting on my lap most of the time and sleep rest. I really miss him now ... When I am going off, I can really see the sadness at his eyes. He keep looking at me like wanting me to stay T.T I will definitely go visit him next week. Hope to see him again!!