Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 18: Hello Kitty cafe

How to go: It is just located on the main street outside hyehwa station exit 4. Actually I don't really have intention to visit in the first place. Just happened that my friends want to go so I accompany them. It is situated on the second floor.

Decorations inside the hello kitty cafe. It is really quite nice even though I am not hello kitty fan. My friend just went crazy over the Hello Kitty Cafe and keep taking photos everywhere.
Menu. The price here is generally a bit steep as compare to other as it is theme cafe afterall.

all cute cakes who look yummy
I ordered a caramel waffle which cost 3500 won and caramel latte which cost 4500 won. Caramel waffle is really hard and not as delicious as it look ... quite of disappointing. The latte here come with all sort of hello kitty design on it. It looks really cute but the drink just taste normal.

Photo of my friends banana waffle and some other latte which look nice but also taste normal ...
Overall it is a theme cafe with nice environment. It is still worth visiting at least once especially for hello kitty fans but dont pin high hope on the food and drink.