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Day 17: Petite France

Day 17: Petite France

Photo of the shuttle bus service
How to go there: Get off at Cheongpyeong station and take the shuttle bus for tourist resort in Gapyeong. Get off at Petite France Bus Stop. This bus service can also be used to go to nami island, Cheongpyeong Lake and the Garden of Morning Calm. The cost is 5k and u can choose to take any number of rides during that day. If u are intending to go through all the attractions around this area, it is recommended that u set off early in the morning from seoul as the journey from Seoul took us close to 2hours. As we set off in the afternoon, we only can visit Petite France.

Photo of the Petite France. The entrance fees
-Adults (ages over 19) 8,000 won
-Youths (ages 13-19) 6,000won
-Children (ages 36 months – 13 years) 5,000 won
House of European Dolls

Photos of some of dolls inside. There are quite a lot dolls inside. It is quite nice but can be quite scary if u keep looking at their eyes. Imagine if they suddenly blink at u ... Haha ok dont think too much. Still quite a nice place to visit

Sea of sunflower behind the Guignol Theatre. It is really nice and beautiful!!!!
Fountain Plaza
Overview of the petite france from the observatory tower!!
View of the lake from the observatory tower.

Filming location of Beethoven Virus drama though I didnt watch before
Inside the french traditional house gallery
My ideal bedroom where I can see the flower outside with my love one which I yet to find :( It is just too awesome.
Love bell at Petite France where lovers leave down their message. It is so romantic ... Hope to travel with my love one around the world to left our prints everywhere we go!!

Photos of K star taken here including running man, secret garden, SNSD and other!!

Photos taken inside the antique gallery!!
Petite France is quite a nice place to visit though it is quite far away from the city. Can make a full day plan to travel around the whole area as there are other attractions around. Just buy the shuttle bus tickets and u can keep travelling around!! However, Petite France is actually quite small ... not as big as we see in running man all these so dont expect too much. Another bad point is most of the description are in korean words so it is hard for tourist like us to understand. Overall, it is still quite a beautiful and nice place to visit.

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