Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 15: dog cafe at Myeongdong

How to go there: Alight at the Myeongdong train station come out from exit 7. It is located along Myeongdong-6gil and look out for the signboard above. It is located on the forth floor.
Entrance of the dog cafe. The cost of entering the dog cafe is 8000 won and it comes with a free drink. U can choose anything u like. I tried the cold green tea latte as the weather is hot but it is not nice at all >.<
Everyone is giving dog names list with all the photos. There is a total of 26 dogs in the cafe. One important thing to take note: The dogs here are not toilet trained so be careful when walking around >.< Keep ur belonging under the chair as u do not know when they will attack ur stuff ... The cafe is full of people mainly girls. The dogs here are very playful and keep chasing each other around so it might be hard to grab their attention to play with them or take photos.
Photo of Jjhong who is very cute and playful. It is really hard to see him standing at one location. Keep running about in the cafe ... I have to chase after him to play and take photos *fainting
Finally managed to capture Jjhong smiling on the camera!!!
The two princess dogs: Jindang and Indigo. Both of them look really pretty but they dont like to come in contact with me ... sad

Really enjoy my afternoon here playing with the dogs and taking photos. I will visit again!! Next time I would try Singapore Dog cafe. Special thanks to Mia who told me about such cafe in Myeongdong.