Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 13: Insa-dong


How to go there: Alight at Anguk station and come out from exit 6. Insa-dong is just outside.

Picture of shops around Insa-dong. It is well known as traditional street to both the locals and foreigners and represent the culture of the past and present. There is quite a lot interesting shops there like artist works, tea shop, souvenir shop and fashion clothing.

If u are looking for unique fashion stuff, remember to check out this place "SSamziegil". It is located along the main street. The building is very unique as the whole place is not on the same level. As u walk along the shops, the floor level keep increasing and it is connecting all the way to top floor where there is some cafes for u to relax. Most of the shops sell very creative and interesting thing but the price is also much higher. There is also a shop at 4th level where u can wear free korean traditional clothing to take neoprint and photos.

This restaurant is located along the main street but it is underground.
Decoration of the restaurant. It is really quite nice and give us a traditional feel. I really like the atmosphere there.

Photo of the kimchi stew added pork. It is a bit spicy but quite delicious. The main difference is between the normal kimchi stew and this is the pork. Usually Kimchi stew does not has any pork but this one come with pork. The cost of this meal is only 6000 won which I find it quite reasonable. Definitely worth trying. I saw a lot people coming to this shop having the steamboat. The portion look really big and the ingredients are all quite fresh. Next time if I come back here, I would give this steamboat a try.

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