Sunday, July 21, 2013

31: Wolmido island and china town

Wolmido island

How to go there: Take train to Incheon station and transfer to bus. There is 2 bus services which travel to wolmido:
2 which is 3 bus stops away
23 which is 4 bus stops away
Wolmido island is a piece of island but become part of mainland due to the highway. It is quite popular during weekend as there is quite a lot activities and seafood restaurants while u can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the seaside. There is small theme park at wolmido island which is really fun and exciting. The best try rides are Viking and apollo disco ride.
The viking here is really crazy and scary ... really swing a lot!! Furthermore, it swings for a long period of time unless vikings at other theme park. Just looking at viking ride is already scary. Be prepared if u intend to take one!!

There is another attraction called apollo disco ride. If u have watch running man before, u would know what I am talking about. It is a dish where everyone sit in circle holding onto some grips. Basically, it would keep turning up and down. It is really quite fun. Just looking at other is really funny!! I really enjoy this unique ride a lot.
Click here to look at Apollo disco ride

row of seasfood restaurants along the coast

The seafood restaurant we decided to give it a try
The sides dishes here!! Omg there is fresh crab and octopus!!!
Sashimi. It really taste fresh and good however the portion is not a lot
Plate of fresh seafood!! Really sweet and delicious!!!
Let bbq and eat them all :)

Click here to see the fresh live octopus!!
It is not easy to order seafood here especially u cannot speak korean. It is always better to come with korean friend who can help u to translate. Furthermore, they know the market rate so they can help u to bargain and lower the price. Luckily, we have one korean friend to help us with these so we are able to get fresh delicious seafood at lower price.

This is where u can take ferry to travel out to the sea or to other nearby island. Remember to buy a pack of prawn cracker so u can feed urself or the birds along the way. The birds are all expert. Just throw into the sky and they would go grab the cracker. It is really fun to feed them but take note of the bird shits dropping from the sky!!! Haha quite dangerous!!!
The big bicycle ride where u can cycle around to look at wolmido island to look at the scenery. It is quite easy to cycle but hard to nagivate as wolmido island is quite crowded. Remember to bargain to lower the price before taking it!!!

Overall, wolmido is quite a nice place to spend ur whole day eating nice seafood, trying exciting rides and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

China town
It is just located opposite of the Incheon station where we alight to take the bus.

Photo of buildings located along the china town. I feel it is kind of boring place as there is nothing much to see. Furthermore the food here is not really that fantastic and delicious. Maybe for korean who never try before chinese food might think it is nice. But us who eat a lot chinese food before think it is just average standard. I wont really recommend coming here unless u r going wolmido island for a day trip.

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