Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 35: rilakkuma cafe

How to go there: Alight at Sungshin Women’s University Station and get out from exit 1. U would see the bank shown below. Just turn right at this corner.

Continue walking until u see Bomun-ro 34-gil and turn left. U would find the cafe located in between 2 building.
The entrance of the cafe is full of rilakkuma soft toys and stuff which u can buy.

2 different types of seating in the cafe. One of the unique point is "No matter where u sit, there is some rilakkuma soft toys for u to hug".
Menu of cafe

More rilakkuma around the cafe!!

I order cafe mocha but there is no rilakkuma design unlike the hello kitty cafe I went to. It is kind of disappointing. The drink also seem normal. However, it is still cosy place to sit down and have a drink with friends. I saw on other blogs about free tarot card reading over there by the owner but I not sure about it. Overall, it is still unique experience. If u are great fan of rilakkuma, give it a try :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 32: Olympic Park and Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

Olympic Park

How to go there: There is a few stations located around the park as it is really big.
1-Olympic Park Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 3
2-Mongchontoseong Station (Subway Line 8), Exit 1

Some of the interesting sculpture located around the park. It is a park for cycling, cycling and picnic. It is really big and took quite a long time to walk from one place to another. The key attractions for this park are

SOMA Museum of Art: It is one of great 5 sculpture parks in the world. There is motion picture displays and various high standard education programs. However, I am not able to experience it as we walk around in the park and forget about the operation timing...

Olympic Museum: showcasing Seoul Olympics achievement and sports. Do take note of the operation timing too. Generally most parks of the park are opened from 6AM to 10pm except for those indoor exhibition.

Musical fountain: makes 14,000 different kinds of expressions in accordance with about 140 melodies, and shoots water as high as up to 30m.

Rose garden: full of beautiful roses!!! There are many types of different roses in different color. It is really beautiful.

Overall, I feel it is quite an interesting place to visit. U can plan half day trip over here visiting all the exhibition and rose garden.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain
How to go there:
1) Alight at Dongjak Station and exit at Exit 1 or 2.
2) Alight at Express Bus Terminal Station and exit at Exit 8-1. Walk for around 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection. Walk straight all the way and go through the underpass to arrive at the park.

It is really disappointing trip. We waited from 7:45pm all the way to 9:15pm but there is no water fountain show at all. The information at visit korea website is not updated. Furthermore there is no information that there is no water fountain performance. Even the Koreans are just like us blindly waiting. I have another friend who visited twice but did not manage to catch the show either.
Remember to go to this website: to check before going!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

31: Wolmido island and china town

Wolmido island

How to go there: Take train to Incheon station and transfer to bus. There is 2 bus services which travel to wolmido:
2 which is 3 bus stops away
23 which is 4 bus stops away
Wolmido island is a piece of island but become part of mainland due to the highway. It is quite popular during weekend as there is quite a lot activities and seafood restaurants while u can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the seaside. There is small theme park at wolmido island which is really fun and exciting. The best try rides are Viking and apollo disco ride.
The viking here is really crazy and scary ... really swing a lot!! Furthermore, it swings for a long period of time unless vikings at other theme park. Just looking at viking ride is already scary. Be prepared if u intend to take one!!

There is another attraction called apollo disco ride. If u have watch running man before, u would know what I am talking about. It is a dish where everyone sit in circle holding onto some grips. Basically, it would keep turning up and down. It is really quite fun. Just looking at other is really funny!! I really enjoy this unique ride a lot.
Click here to look at Apollo disco ride

row of seasfood restaurants along the coast

The seafood restaurant we decided to give it a try
The sides dishes here!! Omg there is fresh crab and octopus!!!
Sashimi. It really taste fresh and good however the portion is not a lot
Plate of fresh seafood!! Really sweet and delicious!!!
Let bbq and eat them all :)

Click here to see the fresh live octopus!!
It is not easy to order seafood here especially u cannot speak korean. It is always better to come with korean friend who can help u to translate. Furthermore, they know the market rate so they can help u to bargain and lower the price. Luckily, we have one korean friend to help us with these so we are able to get fresh delicious seafood at lower price.

This is where u can take ferry to travel out to the sea or to other nearby island. Remember to buy a pack of prawn cracker so u can feed urself or the birds along the way. The birds are all expert. Just throw into the sky and they would go grab the cracker. It is really fun to feed them but take note of the bird shits dropping from the sky!!! Haha quite dangerous!!!
The big bicycle ride where u can cycle around to look at wolmido island to look at the scenery. It is quite easy to cycle but hard to nagivate as wolmido island is quite crowded. Remember to bargain to lower the price before taking it!!!

Overall, wolmido is quite a nice place to spend ur whole day eating nice seafood, trying exciting rides and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

China town
It is just located opposite of the Incheon station where we alight to take the bus.

Photo of buildings located along the china town. I feel it is kind of boring place as there is nothing much to see. Furthermore the food here is not really that fantastic and delicious. Maybe for korean who never try before chinese food might think it is nice. But us who eat a lot chinese food before think it is just average standard. I wont really recommend coming here unless u r going wolmido island for a day trip.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 29: Teddy bear museum + seoul tower

How to get there: Alight at Chungmuro station and exit from no 2. Take either bus 2 or 5 to arrive at seoul tower!!!
Ticket price:
Teddy museum: 8000won
Seoul tower: 9000won
Teddy bear package: 14000won (include teddy museum + seoul tower)
The beautiful love lock trees located outside the seoul tower with clear sky!! Really love this photo a lot!!

Teddy bear museum (closed)
The whole teddy bear museum is separated in 2 exhibition halls!!

Exhibition hall I- The Past: Tracking the history from Hanyangof the Joseon Dynasty to modern-day Seoul of korea

Exhibition hall II- The Present: Introducing interesting facets of modern Seoul from Apgujeong to Samcheong

The bears are all very cute and adorable. The exhibition also has very detailed signboard to explain every section of the museum. Furthermore, these bears are movable which make the exhibition very interesting. It is definitely worth going to take a look. There are also 5 other teddy bear museums in the world covering different theme.

Seoul tower

View of sunset

View at night
There is cafe, souvenir shop and toilet on top so u can stay on top without worries. The guy toilet is quite unique as u would be facing the city view while doing business. The view from seoul tower is really quite good. However, it is too crowded making hard to take photos and furthermore strong lighting from the cafe and shop make it harder. The best timing is go up around 6:45pm where u can see the transition from day time to night time. Overall, it is still quite a good place to view the whole city area!!!