Tuesday, June 11, 2013

North Indian cuisine at Daawat Tandoori @ Upper Thomson

I am not really a fan of Indian cuisine so when my friends suggest going for dinner, I was thinking of rejecting but decide to give it a try.

Daawat Tandoori is located at 207, Upper Thomson Road where it is a common place for supper. The location of the restaurant is around 15 minutes walk from the nearest mrt station (Marymount)

The design of the restaurant is quite nice and quiet. The waiters at the restaurant are quite friendly and nice. It is good place for friend gathering.

Every guest is given appetizer while waiting for their main course. It is quite crispy and fresh. We are given mint sauce to eat with it.
Mix tandoori sizzlers: assortment of fresh tandoori meats marinated in special species and served in a hot sizzlers. The smell of the meats is really nice and the meats taste quite delicious. It is a must try dish!!

Vegetable pakoras: a rissoler of vegetables deep fried till golden brown served as snack There are quite a number of vegetables like potato, onion and green pepper. Personally, I prefer the taste potato and the deep fried green pepper taste a bit weird for me. Overall, it is still yummy.

Butter chicken: specialty of the house It really look like curry chicken and has little taste of the butter >.< however it is still nice and go well with the naan which we order. The naan portion is also quite big. One serving of naan is cut into 4 portion.

daawat murgh masallam: tender fresh chicken marinated in cream & rare species and cooked in wok (Chef's specialty) It is also delicious and the meats are tender. Another must try dish.

pakak paneer: Cottage cheese cooked with spinach and dressed with strips of ginger I dont really like the taste of ginger so this dish seem normal to me.

Overall, it is quite a nice experience to dine here. We also have a birthday celebration here and the staffs help us with the surprise. They serve their customers well and constantly helping us to top up the water. We spend less than 15SGD per person for the food and we are all very filled. It is definitely worth visiting :)