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Day 7 to 8: Seoul

Day 7:Travelling back to seoul by KTX

We have to travel to busan metro station and alight to take the KTX back to seoul. The seat is quite comfortable, no limit of ur luggage weight and saving trouble of checking in. However, I personally find by flight is better as we can save time and it is cheaper if u get discount. The train travels at the speed of 260km/hr up 300km/hr. It is not much difference from the Taiwan high speed rail I took before. There is staff pushing cart around to sell food and drinks on the train.
Travelling to bong hostel
Seoul station
Dunkin Donut junction
Sign 3
After alighting at Seoul station, look out for the signboard and took metro line 4 to hyehwa station. At Hyehwa station, use the exit 4. Turn left and walk all the until u see this "dunkin donut" junction. Just walk on the road on the right side of the street until Sign 3 and turn left. Walk for about 10metre and u would find the Bong Hostel. Hmm Bong hostel is a bit run down but as we are staying for long period of time, it is quite cheap. I manage to negotiate for 25% discount while I heard from other is like 15% discount which is quite good. The staff is really nice here helping us with all kind of problems we encounter :)
This is where we have our lunch. It is just located next the bong house. Less than 1 minute walk.
The menu
Side dishes
The pork hotpot. Side dish is quite nice, I love salad corn flakes. The taste is really fantastic and refreshing. We all ordered the pork hotpot. The meat is really nice tender but slightly a bit spicy. It is also served hot. The meal cost 16500 won for just 3 people. I think it is quite worth it. I would be definitely visiting it again.

Changyeonggung palace

How to go: Turn left at this donut junction again and walk all the way straight dow
Entrance of the palace

The entrance fee for palace is 1000 won. However, if u r going to all the palace, can consider getting the combination tickets for the palace which cost 10000 won. It includes tickets for Gyeongbokgung palace, Changdeokgung palace, Changyeonggung palace, Deosugang palace and Jongmyo shrine. The original cost is 14000 won in total if u buy these tickets individually. The tickets last for 1 month. I have a lot time so I would be travelling to these places to explore.
It is closed every monday. Every palace is close on a different day so do take note. I recommend to go for guided tour when u r visiting the palace as they explain the detail clearly. The tour would last around 1hour.
korean: 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 (winter 16:00)
English: 11:00, 16:00
Japanese: 10:00, 14:00
Chinese: 13:00, 15:00

There are some interesting structure in this building. Each building has chinese characters and somehow shaped according the chinese palace. It is really big place but it is quite empty. In the past there is a lot buildings but most of them are being destroyed by the Japanese ... Now after reconstruction, only 10% of them remain. It is more like a park now and it can get kind of boring here as the buildings are quite similar. It is still quite a good place to explore and relax over here since it is cheap. Only explore when u have a lot free time.

This restaurant is located beside the road on the way to palace. The design is quite nice including the interior.

The side dishes as usual kimichi so I didnt took any photo. I ordered the pork ramen noodles. The soup is just nice not too salty or bland. I really love the soup base. The noodle is also well cooked. The best part is the meat. It is crispy and delicious but just one small piece ... I wish have more meats though. It cost 4900 won which is really quite worth it for the price. I am full after eating it. I will definitely visit it again!!
Day 8
It is introduced by the bartender at bong guesthouse where it is shopping area near the yonsei university. Just go out from exit 2 and u would find the shopping area.

Photos of the shops along the street.


Hongdae area in the afternoon

Hongdae area at night.
Two street performer who sing really well xD
The difference is really big. In the afternoon, there is not much people but once it turns into evening, the whole area is flooded with people. There is a lot street performance at night also. Can walk along the street to listen to their nice performance.

Here is some of the photos along one of street in hongdae area. This street sell a lot unique and nice clothing which non mainstream. I find the design here very nice though the price can be a bit steep. Just learn ur way to bargain!! The design of shops along this street is also very creative. Definitely worth visiting.
This where we have our dinner. The original Chondak is from busan opened in 1999. Since it has lasted so long and open many outlets around korea, we decided to give it a try.

Maneul chicken. It is crispy on the outside and well marinated in the inside. I really love this. It is delicious and does not taste that oily.
Sunsal Gochujang Barbecue. This is a bit spicy but u can choose the spicy level. It is quite unique as they cook the chicken with sauce and add rice cake inside. The 2 chicken cost around 34000 won plus 4 rice 4000won. Total cost around 38000 won which we think it is quite good deal for the price we paid for it.

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